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Pink Ruffled Cupcakes



So love these cupcakes! I was booked for a cake, but after a few changes, the order was changed to ruffle frosted cupcakes. I was sent a pic and I thought I could do them no problem. Once I got it, these were crazy easy, but it did take a few practice runs to figure it out!!

I used a 104 tip and really just let the frosting do all the work. I had the big end of the tip down so that the more delicate end was standing up. With the smaller end up, the ruffles look more like ruffles and it just looks better.

I will say that I did about 4 of these before I finally got it. I was trying to make it too perfect. When I just moved the cupcake around and let the frosting do all the work, they came out perfectly ruffled and just like I wanted them.







I had never done a frosting like this on a cupcake. Super happy with how they came out. They are adorable and simple yet different. I will definitely be doing these again. Enjoy!



Apple Birthday Cake


Here we go again. I was doing sooooo good with the whole blogging thing. Then life, err laziness set in. Instead of blogging I would play on facebook, pinterest or tiger woods golf, or catch up on some much needed lifetime movies. 

Before I knew it, the whole summer had gone by without a single post. I was baking away—working like crazy and did not show anything. Then the “I have not been blogging” guilt sets in—you know, like when you skip the gym.

In no time it was time for school to start back and man, oh man have I been busy. I have have been sort of reinventing myself this year with school (after the crappy year last year, it is needed!!)—new year, new class, so gonna do some new things. Well, all of these things take a ton of time—even with all of the teachers pay teachers help! I finally feel like things are settling in and decided to pick up where I left off. Bout damn time. Smile



This was a sweet little cake for a 1st birthday. The mom sent me the invite, said she wanted white cake and that was it. I was so happy with how this came out. I was working on this until the wee early hours this morning. Ya never know what is gonna happen when it is 3am and you are tired and working on a cake. It took me a while to get my vision, but it finally came to me. Then I just had to put it all together.







I used an apple plunger cutter for the apples and a little blossom plunger cutter for the flowers. The invite had pink red and green, so that was the color scheme I used too.



I do a 4in smash cake for free with the order of 1st birthday cakes. It is the perfect size for a baby. I cannot stand when folks do a 6 or 8 inch cake to smash—it is just too much. She sent me a pic of the smashed cake—she smashed it like a pro.

I always love to hear that the cake was a hit. I love it, but never know what they will think about it. Super nice to get that feedback. Loved this theme for a baby fall birthday. Loved the cake. Love that I am blogging again. Enjoy!





Purple Puppy Dog Cake



This turned out to be one of my favorite cakes! I was given a picture and told to make a light purple cake to go with the adorable little dog on top. The cake was a simply done with a purple buttercream and just the little pup on top. Sometimes the simplest things turn out the best.




I had a picture of the puppy from the invite they used. I found another pic of a dog that would help me to make the different body parts of the dog. I rolled out the head and body first. I used a couple of toothpicks and water to stick them together. I added the legs and ears next—now it is starting to look like a dog! For the face pieces, I just sort of eyed it and did my best to make it look like the picture that she had sent me. I did put the purple collar on to connect the head and body. I put a little curled up tail on the back and it was almost done. Once I put on the finishing touches and added the bow and collar and it was all ready for the cake!







I loved this little cake. It was sweet and simple and just too cute with the puppy on top. Like I said, sometimes the simplest things turn out the best. Enjoy!!



Iced Butter Cookies


I do a TON of iced butter cookies. Fall brings cowbells and paw prints. Holidays bring holiday cookies. Add in the birthdays and baby showers and I can’t even begin to keep track with the amount of butter I have used!! Here are a few pics of the cookies I have done in the past few months.













































Man, that is quite a few cookies! And that is not even all of them. I use my butter cookie recipe for all of my cookies. It is a butter cookie—not a sugar cookie. No eggs, no vanilla. Just butter, flour and sugar. I use a simple cookie frosting recipe for all of my piped cookies. I make it stiff to pipe on and thin it out to flood the cookies. I use a piping bag to outline and a bottle with the tip cut off to fill in the cookies. 

cookies are always a hit. They are quite time consuming. To bake, outline, fill and let set can take take days. But, when you are left with such a sweet end product, you just can’t go wrong. Everyone loves a cookie, and so far, these have been a hit around here. Enjoy!!



Monster Truck Cupcakes



I so love these cupcakes. They were super fun to make and came out too cute. I had never had an order for monster truck cupcakes and could not wait to get started on these! All the customer told me was that they had a bounce house with a monster truck on it—I got to take from there.


I used a small fluted cutter for the wheels. I added gumpaste to the fondant to make sure they would harden up. DSC_0585


I used the bottom of my jumbo icing tip to make the inner circle of the tire. They were all done in grey. It did not matter if they were hard, so there was no gumpaste added to these.



The windows were cut with the tiny square cutter. I cut one edge off to look like a window.



Once all of the pieces were cut out, they went on the truck bodies. I ordered a truck cutter and when I opened it, it was way too tiny. So, I traced my monster truck cookie cutter, scanned it and scaled it down to the right size. Then I cut out he copy. And then began the hand cutting of 40 monster truck bodies. Fun times. 




The pieces were a bit time consuming to get done, but totally easy to do. These were definitely monster sized cupcake toppers. I had a hard time even getting them to fit in the box! They were so stinking cute once they were all done. I loved doing these and can’t wait to do them again! Enjoy!!










Fondant Owls



Whoooo wouldn’t love these cupcakes??!? I know that owls are still all over the place. While I have not jumped on the owl bandwagon, I was super happy that I got to make something with owls on it.

I had an order a couple of weeks ago—I almost didn’t take it, but I figured I already had an order on Friday and two on Saturday, what was one more. She gave me a pic—I always like to have a pic to look at. I went from there and could not have been happier with the finished product!



These were actually way easier than I thought they would be. The hardest part was figuring out the wings. For the body, I used a tulip cutter. I cut off the middle point of the flower and the stem part with a knife. It made the perfect owl body.




To give the body some texture, I used a frosting tip to make marks. The bodies had dried out over night, but were still soft enough to make the marks.

Making these marks in the body gave the look of having feathers without having to add other pieces.





All of the little pieces for the owl were a tad bit time consuming, but easy to get done. I used a star cutter for the beaks—just cut the points off. I used one of my frosting tips for the eyes. The flowers for the ears were a medium blossom plunger cutter. I also used that same cutter for the feet, but cut off two of the petals.

The toughest part to figure out was the wings. I tried about five different kinds before I found the one I liked. I did petal cutters, ovals, leaf cutters and finally found the three petal cutter. I have had that one forever and never used it—now I can!! Just cut the petals apart, and you have some owl wings.


Once everything was cut out, it was time to assemble. A little bit of water and the owls came together in no time. The body was made with a mix of gumpaste so they would dry hard. The rest was all fondant. I used a blue confetti piece for the center of the eye. The flower on top was the little added touch these needed to be done.




The owls went on top of the cupcakes and were ready for the party! These were easier than I thought they would be and just too cute. I so hope that I will get more orders for owl cupcakes and cakes. Enjoy!





Super Bowl Cake



Tons of people will be getting together to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. If you don’t watch the game, hopefully there will be some good eats for you to grub on. I had an order for a football themed cake for an office party this week. I loved how this turned out—it was just what I wanted it to look like. I love it when an idea for the cake actually turns out!



I did two 11×15 cakes for this one. I baked one, thinking that I would just split it and frost. But, the one cake was not as high as I wanted it to be, so I did another one. It got a layer of butter cream in the middle and was frosted with green around the outside. I loved the green—it was light without being too pale or so dark of a green that it would stain your mouth.



I used the grass tip to frost around the edges of the cake. I hate that tip. Really, really hate it. It seems to always clog up on me. I took forever, but I finally got the whole thing done. Then I had to do it all over again on the top.



I printed out a football on the computer and used that to trace and cut out the football on the brown fondant. I measured the white yard markers at about 1/4 inch. I loved the endzone signs. I cut the names with these rad little cookie cutters that I had—bought them forever ago and finally had a reason for them! I was going to pipe the lettering on the football, but at the last minute decided to cut them out of the tiny alphabet cutters-at 1:00 in the morning. That was a super bright idea. It was time consuming, but did look better than my piping skills at 1:00 in the morning do.



I loved, loved, loved this cake. It was fun to do and looked just exactly liked I wanted. I wish I had some for us to eat. We will be watching the game, but don’t have any cake! I guess that chips, dip and pizza will have to do for us. Smile  Enjoy!!