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TWD #2 Sweet Potato Biscuits


DSC_0674This week’s TWD recipe was Sweet Potato Biscuits. Thanks so much to our host, Erin of Prudence Pennywise. To get the recipe for these biscuits, stop on by her blog. Or, you can always buy the cookbook Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.

This was my very first attempt at making biscuits. As a good southern girl, making biscuits is just one of those things you should be able to do. It’s right up there with drinking sweet tea, saying yes ma’am and eating grits.  I don’t know why, but biscuits have always scared me. Biscuits are one of those things that your mama makes, not you. I will say that, for my first time, I did pretty good. With a little practice, I may just be a biscuit making fool before too long! 🙂

As for the taste of these…well, there wasn’t much to them. Once they had cooled, the sweet potato taste did come through more, but still not as much as you would expect from the name. They were super easy to mix, but  I definitely think that I over mixed my dough. I agree with others that the dough was not easy to incorporate because of the lack of liquid. It seemed tooDSC_0668 dry and crumbly right before the sweet potatoes were put in the bowl.

Once I had the sweet potatoes in the bowl, the dough mixed up very quickly. It was sticky, but easy to press out—I just used my hands to  pat out the dough. I got out my trusty biscuit cutter and to my surprise—I actually made biscuits!!

I will be sure to make these again. My husband  liked them, but agreed that they need more kick to them. I think thatDSC_0670 the next time I make these, I will add more cinnamon to them. And, of course, I will try not to work the dough quite as much. I look forward to giving this another shot—I think they would be great with a hearty, fall meal. Enjoy!




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  1. 10/22/2009 6:56 am

    wow. your biscuits came out GLORIOUSLY!!! i’m so jealous!

    mine tasted of sweet potato and was rather sticky and easy to incorporate. maybe i had TOO much liquid and that’s why they didn’t rise…? oh well.

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