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TWD #4 Cran-Apple Crisps

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DSC_0798 This week for TWD, I chose to make the cran-apple crisp. I love making crisps. They are easy to whip up, make up nice and bubbly and always give you that warm foodie feeling. Since November is a holiday month, we were given all the recipes and told that we could make them in any order we wanted. This weeks host is Em of The Repressed Pastry Chef. Check out her blog for pictures and the recipe. Or, you could always buy the book Baking From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. It is a fabulous cookbook to have!

Since I am off work for a month, I kinda did nothing for the first week of my break. By kinda I mean watching lifetime movies and wedding shows all day on the couch in my jammies. I didn’t cook, I didn’t do any baking and no posts to my blog. It was a sad week for me. When you start to feel like a slug, it’s time to get up, shower, and turn off the tube!! My husband always tells me that I earned the break and to relax and enjoy it, but it is so hard to go from WORK to nothing. Usually by the second week I have calmed down and can actually enjoy the time off!

Wanting to ease my way back into reality and the whole cooking thing, I chose the cran-apples crisp. I am so glad that I made this. To really feel normal again, I even made a pot roast for dinner to go with our scrumptious crisps. The recipe calls for apples, fresh cranberries and dried cranberries. I only had dried. Not wanting to over do this whole get out of the house thing and have to go cranberry hunting all over town, I decided to sub frozen blueberries. The blueberries DSC_0793were so good in this that I may always make the crisp with blueberries, apples and dried cranberries. Since the recipe called for chunks of apples, I did not get to use my cool peeler thing. But I did get to use two new tools that we got from out registry—the y-peeler and the apple corer. Omg, I think that those are new favorite kitchen toys! Being one of those gals that gets excited in Bed Bath and Beyond, I am always giddy about new kitchen stuff.

Once everything was peeled, chopped and measured, it was was super easy to whip this up. Put all the fruit in the baking dish, cover it with the crumb topping and bake away. Just like the book said, once DSC_0791it is bubbly and brown, it is ready to take out and enjoy. We really enjoyed this recipe—even hubs wanted more…and he is the pickiest eater evah!! The fruit was the perfect amount of sweet and tart from the granny smiths. The crumb topping was crunchy and had the perfect amount of brown sugar. The whole thing really came together perfectly.

Anyone wanting a warm fall treat should try this. I promise that you and yours will love it. It is the perfect easy fall treat. You can enjoy it straight out of the oven, or it is even yummy cold the next morning for breakfast! Enjoy!!


DSC_0794 DSC_0801

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  1. Bonnie McNeil permalink
    11/11/2009 7:37 am

    Meg, congrats on your wedding. How long have you been living in Vegas? My husband, and boys, and I moved to the western suburbs of Chicago just over two years ago – and we love it!

    I love your cakes! They look so yummy – if you ever need some help to sample, I’ll be happy to apply for that job. I found the greatest place to buy spices, especially baking ones, at Penzey’s The company is HQ outside of Milwaukee, WI – I am addicted to their vanilla – single or double strength.

    Do you think y’all will move after your husband finishes his master’s? Where is he from? Great to see you!!

    • 11/11/2009 8:43 am

      Hey Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by…good to see you too. Your boys are adorable!

      I moved out to Vegas about 5 years ago this summer. He is from all over…Buffalo to California to Florida and settled in Vegas of all places! Once he is done with the Master’s, we are moving to get the PhD. We are both super excited about the move!!

      Thanks for the tip on spices…I am always looking for new stuff! Keep checking back to see what I have whipped up next!

      Meg 🙂

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