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Fondant Covered Cake


DSC_0862 I had this goal during my break that I was going to make marshmallow fondant. Well, what else can I do with a big ball of fondant but cover a cake?!? This year for my birthday, I decided that I wanted a 2 tiered fondant covered cake with a bow on top. What? That is a totally normal cake for a birthday! Just because I have seen wedding cakes that were not this big…it’s my party and I will have pink cake if I want to! 🙂

Once I had practiced with the fondant, I felt ready to go with the real thing. Yes, I made a practice fondant cake…I am one of those make sure it works kind of gals. I had all the tools—rolling pin, fondant mat, powdered sugar for miles and enough Crisco to cover a building. I watched some you tube videos of other people rolling out their fondant and was ready to get going with my cake. Just because I had my fondant ball ready to go did not mean that I could start covering away. Many other things had to happen first.

DSC_0811I had already baked, layered, frosted and cooled my cakes. I used a 6×3 pan and two 8×3 pans to make the cake. My chocolate cake was all baking away while I whipped up some cherry buttercream. I split the layers in half and filled the inside with frosting. Once I had my layers filled and stacked, I crumb coated the outside of the cake. Seems easy right? Well it was…it just took about 4 hours to bake, cool, and frost.  Now it was time to get down with my fondant self!

DSC_0812Now for the tricky part…rolling out the fondant. For some reason, I was super nervous about this part. It just seems like one of those things that only fancy bakeries do. Not me. But, guess what—I did it! I can’t wait to do more fondant cakes. I am looking for reasons to make more. I had so much fun doing it. It did take me all day to make, but it was so worth it. No one could believe that I had made the cake.  Um, hello? Who do you think makes all those goodies you have been eating? Anyways…once you have the fondant kneaded, just start rolling it out like you would a pie crust or cookies. It is super important to keep turning, lifting and sugaring the work surface. If not, you have a huge sticky mess. When you have it rolled out, roll DSC_0814the fondant with the pin to lift it up and  on to the cake. 

When you have put the fondant over the cake, you have to keep fluffing out the bottom of the fondant to get a nice edge around the bottom of the cake. Be careful not to pull the fondant down, or it may tear on you.  When the edges are ready to be cut, use a pizza cutter to trim off the excess fondant from your cake. Use two fondant smoothers and smooth out the DSC_0817fondant on the cake. When you have the smooth look you want, you are ready to stack your cakes!

I did use wooden dowels to support the top layer. I used six total. When the dowels were in place in the bottom layer, I put the top on the cake. Scary. To cover the edges, I made little fondant pearls. I just tore off piece of the scraps I had and rolled them into balls. I wanted them to be different sizes so that they would fit better. I used crisco on my hands to give them a little shine. Just press the pearls along the edge of the cake to create a nice finish around the edge. 

DSC_0845 With the cake stacked, I was all ready for my bow. Ahh, the bow. This part took so long—I can even begin to imagine creating a cake with flowers and piping and people. In the end, the bow turned out pretty good for my first try. I know that with time I will fix my mistakes and get even better with all of this! Stacking the cake had nothing on moving the bow!! 15 pieces of marshmallow fondant held together with icing being moved—yikes! It did survive and the whole thing turned out gorgeous!! I can’t wait to make more fondant cakes!!





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  1. 01/01/2010 9:01 am

    Wow .. kinda great matter. I will write about it also.

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