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TWD #5 Sugar-Topped Molasses Spice Cookies


I know that this is called Tuesdays with Dorie, but sometimes I am just running late. You can either think of me as late for this week, or early for the next. With my birthday, my mother-in-law having surgery and us going to Disney World next week I have been a tad busy!! And I put out all of our Christmas decorations…whew!! What a whirl wind week it has been at our house!!

DSC_0886 So, I finally got around to making these delicious cookies. I am a cookie girl. I love cookies. They are so easy to pick up and pop in your mouth. No paper to peel, nothing to cut, just walking and eating my cookie.

This weeks host was Pamela of Cookies with Boys. Check out her blog for the recipe or you can always buy the book. With the holidays coming up, it would be the perfect time to ask Santa!

I am so glad that I made these. Sometimes when I see molasses, I run. I love things that use it in the recipe, but can not stand the smell!! Not wanting to skip a cookie week, I decided to go on with the recipe. Yes, I was breathing though my mouth while I mixed these.

These were super east to mix, roll out and bake. Mine came out perfectly chewy in the middle and crunchy around the edges. The rolled sugar gave them the perfect amount of sweetness. I took a few to my recovering MIL and packed the rest up to take to my family when I see them for the holidays. My husband said that they were great and I have already eaten five today!! I told ya—I walk and eat cookies!

DSC_0885 If you like ginger snaps or cookies with a little spice, you will love these. They would taste great with ice cream, or coffee. Of course, the best way to enjoy these is with someone you love! I hope you have a great holiday with lots of fun, family, and of course yummy baked treats!  Enjoy!!



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  1. 11/21/2009 9:40 am

    sounds yummy, as always,


  2. Molly Lane permalink
    12/05/2009 6:00 pm

    I am so impressed! The website is beautiful and yummy! Like your mother I know you are a good cook. I am going to try the recipe for the ceral mix when my company comes for Christmas.
    Hope this first Christmas is extra special.
    Love, Molly

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