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Retro Cuppycakes


Aahhh Saturday. Oh how I love you. The sleeping in, the coffee with my paper, the overall leisureliness of the day. It is just the best.  Having spent a late night out playing games with some friends, this Saturday was especially slow moving for us. We had our coffee, and before we knew it, it was lunch time.

We ventured a little farther than we normally do for a quick bite. Hubs has been craving barbeque ever since my mama made ribs for our New Year’s Day dinner. I mean craving—every meal, he wants him some barbeque! We had seen a little local place and decided to give it a try. I was totally on board because I knew that this place was two stores over from the BEST bakery in town! Even though I was not feeling the lunch choice, I was totally on board because I knew that after lunch came cupcakes!!!


If you love cupcakes like I do, then you know a good one when you find it. The Retro Bakery in Las Vegas is just the best cupcake bakery ever. I first had them at my bachelorette party last year. I was in love before I even tasted them. Just the look of the round dollop of frosting was enough to get me hooked. The buttercream is creamy and the cake is oh-so moist. They have great flavors like cotton candy, milk and cookies, and my favorite, hop scotch. This butterscotch covered cupcake ( in the picture above)  is so worth a trip to the Retro Bakery. If you are in the NW part of Las Vegas, stop by and treat yourself to their yummy goodness!



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