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TWD #6 – #7 C is for Cookie


As I said before, I fell a little behind on my blogging posts. I am still trying to fit it into a permanent spot in my list of to-dos. I was baking away every week, just did not get a chance to write about them. Hopefully from here on out, I will be back to my routine of updating every week!

Instead of letting all of those beautiful baked goods pics go to waste, I figured that I should just do one big giant TWD post. I am picking up where I left off with the past fives Dorie picks. My apologies to the hosts for not posting on time. I, along with all the folks at work have so enjoyed all of the yummy treats.

Sables—TWD #6DSC_0909

This was the start of my Christmas cookie bonanza and when I got too busy to get my blog posts done. 🙂 I love making cookies and had never made a chilled and cut one like this. I took them in to work and they were gobbled up in about an hour.

The dough was easy to mix. It chilled for a few hours, was brushed with egg and sugar and then was ready to be sliced and diced. IDSC_0893 tried to get the logs in perfect round logs and think i did a pretty good job.

I did them in red and green since it was holiday time, but they would be pretty with and color of sugar. Visit Barbara of Bungalow Barbara for the recipe. It is a classic shortbread cookie that is sure to please!




Cafe Volcano Cookies TWD #7


This was one cookie that I was shaking my head at. I truly did not think that it was going to work out. Sure enough, it did! I guess I should know better than to question Dorie!!

I believe that this one only had 4 ingredients. It was so simple—the part that took the longest was chopping up the nuts. If ya buy the bag of already chopped ones, this recipe will take you no time at all. Stop by  Macduff of The Lonely Sidecar for the recipe and her pictures. You can always pick up the cookbook for this and all the other recipes!

DSC_0917 Once it was all mixed, I scooped up the gooey mess of nuts and sugar on the silpat to bake away. Once done, they were light and crunchy and just melt in your mouth yummy. I will so be making these crunchy little goodies again. With all the nuts and the tiniest bit of espresso flavor, I  think that they are a perfect cold weather cookie!



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