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TWD #8 and #9 Pecan Pie and Cheesecake


I’m late, I’m late….for a TWD posting! So, I am still trying to catch up from the holidays with my postings. I told you that I did actually make the selections! These two were a couple of my favorites. How can you go wrong with Pecan pie and Cheesecake?!? Both of these desserts are staples at Christmas in my family and everyone raved over them this year!


Pecan PieDSC_1034

To be perfectly honest, pies scare me. Not the filling, but the crust. Why is it that something as easy as flour, butter and water can scare me?

Both of these were made during the holidays while my mom and dad were here with us. Deciding to kinda take the easy route, I used my mom’s pie crust recipe instead of the one in the book. She said that it would be easier for me to do for my first ever pie crust. Since I had a legal size paper taped to the cabinet door with all of our to-do’s for that day, I was totally down with the easier crust. The crust came out beautifully—I was all but calling people to tell them about my crust! 🙂





The pick for this week can be found at Someone’s in the Kitchen with Brina. The recipe called for chocolate chips and cinnamon. I am a pecan pie purist and decided to leave those out. The pie was delicious. Everyone raved and said it was the best pie that had ever had! Enjoy!!



DSC_0068Ok, so besides the fact that I am a month late in this posting, I also changed the recipe up. This pick was a Low and Lush chocolate cheesecake. Not really feeling like a chocolate cheesecake, I opted to go with the classic cheesecake. I will toot my own horn for a bit and say that I make an awesome cheesecake. It rocks. **toot, toot**

I was excited to try a different kind, but the whole fam voted for the original, so chocolate was out. I will definitely go back and give that one a try. To check out the recipe, stop by The Tea Lady of Tea and Scones. I’m sure that she has beautiful pictures of what the chocolate cake looked like. For mine, I just went with the Honey Maid recipe that can be found here. The only difference is that I use more crumbs and add cinnamon to my crust.

DSC_0072 My cake came out creamy and smooth. I don’t know how, but I just have a knack for baking them. I cook the cake until it is set and the top has start to crack just a bit. I top it with a sour cream topping and put back in the of oven until cool. That and the cinnamon in my crust have always helped me to have a cheesecake that gets rave reviews. I have never had it not bake up delicious. I hope that when you need a cheesecake recipe, you will try this one. I promise that you will love it! Enjoy!!


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