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Happy Birthday TWD part 2: Coco-Buttermilk Cake


All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt!! So said Charles M. Schulz and I agree. I love all things chocolate so I couldn’t pass up the chance to make some chocolate Dorie cupcakes. For the 2nd birthday of TWD, we had the choice to make a tarte tatin or a coco-buttermilk birthday cake. Being rather indecisive, I had to go with both. Check out my previous post for the tarte tatin!

The cake is described as being good for any age group and and event. I would so agree with this! I will admit that I am always skeptical of things that have buttermilk in them. I hate the smell of buttermilk—makes me wanna gag. I just have this mental block about it, but like always cakes with buttermilk bake up moist and delicious.

The host for this choice was Laurie of Slush. Check out her blog for all the details of the recipe and pictures. I had read others reviews about the cake being dry and the frosting being gritty. Uh-oh…bummer. I so did not want to have a dry cake with grit for frosting. Time to change some things up.

DSC_0129 Instead of a cake, I went with cupcakes. Who doesn’t love a cupcake?!? Being smaller, they will not dry out as much when they cook. And, I like cupcakes. And so do the folks at work. I did also add in the optional melted chocolate before baking.  The end result was a super yummy cake. It was dense and moist at the same time. Hubs even said that it was the best chocolate cake I have made so far! Looks like I may have found a winner!!

Not wanting to have a gritty, malted buttercream on my cake, I went with another frosting. I was searching around and came across a mocha buttercream recipe. Oh. My. Gawd. This was the best frosting that I have ever made!! You can find the recipe at Zoe Bakes. ( It is a really long posting full of great instructions and pictures!) People at work were oohing and aahing over it. And I was, embarrassed to admit, eating it straight from the piping bag—it was that good!!

DSC_0128 It was not like your regular buttercream frosting. It has no powdered sugar. I know—weird. The consistency of this was more like a mousse than a  frosting. It was ah-mazing. I so recommend you making the cake with the mocha buttercream. You will want to have this again and again! Enjoy!!




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