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Happy Birthday TWD!!


This January marked the 2nd birthday of the TWD group. The grand poo-bah of our group, Laurie—the one who started this fun little group—wanted to bake up something special to mark the anniversary of our group. Head on over to her blog at slush for the recipe! I am among the newest of the “members” and have so enjoyed baking along with all the others every week. I am so glad that I stumbled upon this site one day and I can’t wait to see what new things we will be baking up this year!

When trying to decide what to bake, she left it up to a simple vote. Each Dorie baker could vote on their favorite of three things—brownie, tarte tatin, or a chocolate cake. While the brownies sounded yummy, the cake and tatin won out. I was so excited to make a tatin. I had heard of them before, but thought that it was surely too hard for a home baker to make. Wrong. It was one of the easiest things I have ever made. The other winner was a chocolate cake. Not wanting to pass by a chance to make cupcakes, I also made the cake. Instead of a big cake, I made mine as cupcakes. They both were delicious and something that I would totally make again.

Tarte Tatin TWD #10

DSC_0123 Just the name of this dessert sounds intimidating. At least to me it does—at the very least, it sounds like something you would get at a fancy restaurant where you can’t pronounce the names of the food. Let me tell you that this dessert is just the opposite of fancy.

DSC_0114 Like Dorie said in the book, this is a rustic dessert that is very forgiving. I was all ready with my cored and peeled apples. In the pan they went to cook for 15 minutes…or so I thought. Maybe I had my heat too low, maybe I had more apples, maybe there was something in the air that night (ABBA fans, sing along 🙂 ), but I ended up cooking my apples for about 40 minutes.

Dorie says in the book that you can use pie crust, or puff pastry dough. I had every good intention of making my own crust. Since I am a pro now—with my one pie crust that I made *wink*, I was ready to tackle it yet again. But, in a moment of weakness, I could not resist the puff pastry dough staring at me from the freezer. Don’t shake your head at me—you know you have been there. It is 4 o’clock on Saturday and you still have to cook dinner and make the tatin once you get home from Walmart—puff pastry it is!!

DSC_0117 With the apples all caramely, I topped it with the rolled out dough and popped the whole thing in the oven. Once the dough was puffed and golden, I took it out to flip it on a plate. This is where things kinda turned ugly for me.

Normally I am a pro at turning out cakes. Cake pans don’t have handles. Like a goof, I didn’t really have a good hold on the pan and spilled a goodly amount of goo on the counter. I recovered and scooped it back into place. If ya did not know that the tatin had taken a tumble, you would not know from looking. The finished product had the perfect amount of sweet and doughy goodness. We both had a huge piece for dinner and I gladly had some for lunch. If you like cooked apples, you will love this! Enjoy!! 



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