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TWD #12–Oatmeal Chocolate Almost Candy Bars


DSC_0111 Oatmeal cookies=yum. Chocolate fudgey bar=yum, yum. Put the two of these things together and you have an almost candy bar that is better than the real thing!

I am so proud of myself for actually posting on a Tuesday even if this was last weeks baking bite! The host for this goodie was Lillian of confectiona’s Realm. Stop by her blog to see what she had to say about it and to get the recipe!

DSC_0093 I was excited to make this. I am always up for oatmeal cookies and love anything with a middle layer of chocolate. It had a lot of ingredients, but was super easy to mix and bake. The recipe calls for peanuts and raisins. I left both of these out of mine. Cookies=no raisins! I know that this would be good with the peanuts, but I didn’t have any at the house. Not wanting to make another trip to the store, I went with what I had on hand. I am a southern girl and always have pecans lying around. So I took out the raisins and subbed pecans for the peanuts.


DSC_0100I packed the oat layer in the bottom of the pan, spread the chocola-ta-tay in the middle and put the remaining oatmeal mixture in clumps on the top to finish the whole thing off. I will say that I had tons of the oatmeal. I think that you could probably cut the amount of oatmeal in half and still have plenty for the bottom layer and to sprinkle on top.


I took the bars to work with me and they were a huge hit. I read what other TWDers had to say about the bars being rich, so I made sure to cut them on the small side—that way we had more to snack on!! These were easy to make and even easier to eat. Enjoy!!



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