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TWD #13 Coco-Nana bread


 DSC_0141Who doesn’t love a big-ole loaf of chocolate cake? I know I do! Give me chocolate, or give me death…wait, is that not how it goes? Oh well, I still believe that. I am a certified sweets lover—any kinds really, I will go for it. Now, if this had just been a coco-no nana bread, I think that I would have been down with it. For some reason, the recipe called for bananas. Why? Why, oh why would you make a banana bread and add so much coco powder to it that it is a weird combo of the two?!?

I am guessing that you can tell by now that I did not enjoy this week’s TWD recipe.  My apologies for not being all rah-rah-shish-boom-bah about this recipe. This week, the host is Steph of Obsessed with Baking. Please stop by her blog to check out the recipe and see her pictures. Even though I did not care for the recipe, lots of people from the TWD group did and you may too! There was post after post in the discussion section about this week’s recipe. People went back and forth about not wanting to use bananas. Some wanted to sub another fruit, some wanted to use sour cream, and some wanted to leave out the bananas all together and just have coco-bread! I actually think that I would have liked this with a sour cream substitution. Check out the P&Q for the groups chattering about this recipe!

DSC_0137 Normally I love all things chocolate. And I also love banana bread. I even made a banana cupcake with chocolate frosting once and it was delicious. People at work went bananas over it!! ;)  But the two together in this recipe did not work for me! I couldn’t even eat a whole piece of it—I told you, it did not work for me. I took one bite and was through! My husband, on the other hand, did like it!! YAY…I had someone to give this to! I almost always take in my baked goodies to work, but this poor thing was not about to make it out the front door. Since I had four mini loaves and one big one, we had a lot of coco-nana stuff lying around the kitchen. I just have a hard time putting my name on and giving away something that I would not eat. Since hubs liked it, hubs gets it! He liked it, but did say that it was an acquired taste. After his first bite, he said that it reminded him of a power bar…yikes!

Most people swear off baking something that they do not like. Not me, nope, I will be brave and give this another try.DSC_0142 Not the same recipe, of course. I will totally make this again, but cut the coco WAY WAY WAY down. I had even thought about leaving the coco powder out altogether. I would keep in the chocolate chips and just have banana-chip bread. I liked the recipe…it was simple enough to mix up. I liked the texture of it and that it came out nice and moist. I pretty much liked everything about it except the taste. :)  I would not tell you to not make this. You, like most of the TWD bakers will probably love it. I hope you do try this and like it more than I did!  Enjoy!!



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  1. Mark Pelletier permalink
    01/27/2010 1:28 pm

    I liked it!!

  2. 01/27/2010 7:04 pm

    Not a favorite at my house. Ah well. I’ll stick to banana cake with chocolate chips. Yum!

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