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Milk Chocolate Mini Bundt Cakes–TWD #14


I love little cakes. I just think that they are cute. A little cake just for me…what could be better, right? No one wants to steal your piece, because they have their own cake!!

DSC_0182 This week for TWD, we made milk chocolate mini bundt cakes. Since I did not have any good milk chocolate, I subbed semi-sweet. The end product was a good cake. To be honest, it was not as good as I was hoping for. If you read last weeks twd post, you know that I really did not like the coco-nana bead. While this week’s cake was better, it was still not the best little cake I have ever had. Dorie has a tendency to make super rich cakes. This was one of those. It was one of those cakes that needs a little something extra to go with it.

The host for this yummy little cake is Kristin of I’m Right About Everything. Stop by her blog to see her pics and to get the recipe. Don’t forget that you can always buy the book for yourself. It is a wonderful baking cookbook!

DSC_0147 I was playing around with the fillings for this cake after reading about all the different things that people did. I made three cakes with three different fillings. I used pecans, chocolate chips and caramel bits. Hubs and I did a taste test and decided that we liked the pecans. While I liked the caramel bits too, he said that the cake was already rich enough and did not need more richness added to it. I think that this cake would be perfect with a ton of these little caramel bits in each one…but that’s just my opinion. You could totally play around with this recipe and put just about anything you wanted in the middle of the cakes. The pecans gave a super rich cake a nice crunch so that you did not just have a mouth full of cake that you could not swallow.

DSC_0178 The final touch on this cake was a dab of chocolate glaze on the top. After reading that lots of people had trouble with it, I went with a traditional ganache. Having made a ganache topping for some cupcakes that I made the same day, I was all set for this. Except for the fact that I frosted all my cupcakes and realized that I had no frosting left for my bundt cakes! Oopsy. So, only three of my cakes got a little glob of frosting. Oh well, better some than none!

The first three cakes that I baked seemed a tad bit on the dry side. When I baked the rest of the cakes that all had pecans in them, I baked them for two minutes less. They were still not as moist as I would have liked. Maybe the richness made the cake seem dry? Maybe I was just having an off day? Whatever the reason, my cakes seemed too dry. Did I like the cake? Yes. Was it the best cake I have ever had? No.

DSC_0198 When I played around with the cake, I did  like it more.  I cut it in half and filled it with cherry preserves and whipped cream and it was really delicious. The cream and cherries cut the richness and made the cake a million times better for me. For now, this will go towards the end of my baking list. Give it a try…you may really like it. You may even love this little cake! Enjoy!!



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