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TWD #16 Honey Wheat Cookies


DSC_0312I was this close to passing on this cookie. After the last few weeks, I didn’t want another dessert that we did not like. I did make the chocolate chip cookie from last week, but was not a fan. My cookies are better, so I decided not to post. After reading other blogs and seeing that most people liked this one, I decided at the last minute to give this a try. I am so glad I did.

This week’s host was Michelle of Flourchild. Stop by her blog for the recipe and her pictures. The past few weeks have been all  about chocolate. Sometimes a girl can have too much chocolate. This was a nice break from all the mediocre chocolates of the past weeks.

Like I said, I almost skipped this. When ya hear the word wheat, you don’t think of a yummy cookie. When you dig a little deeper into this cookie, you find it has honey and just the right amount of lemon zest. You can’t see the zest in the cookie, so you are not expecting it. Once you bite it, the brightness of the lemon hits you and it really is a delicious cookie. Hubs was raving over them—which was surprising to me! He is usually not a wheat germ kinda guy. He had three in a row before dinner!

The recipe was super easy to whip up. Flour and wheat germ, check. Sugar and zest, check. DSC_0292DSC_0294

When the ingredients were all mixed, the dough had to chill for a few hours. When ready, they were shaped into balls and rolled in more wheat germ. Smash the dough balls on the cookie sheet and bake away.




When just barely golden, take them out a let cool. They make a pretty cookie that keeps its shape and has great flavor. This cookie would be good with morning coffee, afternoon tea or ice cream for dessert.  It was a nice lemony cookie that we enjoyed at the end of the day. I will so be adding this to my cookie list. I hope you will try this yummy little treat. Enjoy!!


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  1. 03/11/2010 12:04 pm

    what perfect round cookies 🙂

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