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TWD #17 Toasted Coconut Cream Tart



My first thought when I read this recipe was coconut…yum, cream…yum, cookie crust…yum. I mean, really, how can ya go wrong with coconut custard, cream and a touch of rum?!? The only thing I needed to figure out was how to make a tart crust. 🙂

Thanks to Beryl of Cinemon Girl for picking this coco-nutty treat. Stop by her blog for pics and the recipe. You can check out the TWD site for tons of other blogs and recipes too! They have so many fabulous recipes and ideas that you should check out.

DSC_0321 This crust was right up there with pie crust for me. It was kinda hard to get in the tart pan. I’m sure that it had nothing to do with the fact that my tart pan was about three inches bigger than the recipe called for. But what do I know? Dorie says that you can roll out the crust or press it in the tart pan. Looking at a giant dough ball and a tart pan, I just could not see how I could press that thing out. So, I opted to roll it out. It kinda worked. This was my first time making this tart dough. I think that I may need some more practice on it. Once I had it rolled out and went to put it in the pan, it completely fell apart. Take two. This time, I got it in the pan and only a few of the sides tore. Not great, but doable. Once baked, it was good. It tasted like a butter cookie. I will so have to try this tart rust again!

DSC_0323 I was really excited to make this. I love all things coconut and since hubs is not usually a fan, I rarely make it. I have always loved custard and having coconut was an extra treat. The custard was easy to mix up, the coconut was toasted and the cream topping was a breeze. I did get  a little fancy and decided to pipe the cream on the custard instead of just spreading it. Add to that a splash of rum and you have a perfect spring time treat. 

Hubs and I both thought that this was a light and yummy dessert. You should definitely give this a try one night. With Easter right around the corner, this might hop right into place as a new favorite!  Enjoy!!





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  1. chef123 permalink
    03/08/2010 1:00 am

    Like the picture, love coconutcrem pie looks so good can i ahve a slice lol

  2. 03/09/2010 8:47 am

    very cute piping on top

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