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TWD #18 Thumbprints for us Big Guys

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For someone that loves cookies, I don’t make many different kinds. I stick to what I know: chocolate chip, peanut butter,  and my butter cookies.

That is what is so great about this group. It forces me out of my comfort zone to make new things. I have made lots of new cookies that have been really delicious and I never would have made a thumbprint cookie if it was not a TWD pick for the week. I’ve eaten plenty of thumbprint cookies before and most of them were not very good. This is one that will go in my cookie collection.

Thanks to Mike of Ugly Food Dude for this week’s pick. I had gotten so tired of all the chocolate picks of last month and was really looking forward to shaking things up this month. Stop by his blog for his pics and the recipe for the cookie. His blog is fuss, no fancy, but funny. 

This was a super simple cookie. Not much measuring. No rolling. I think that anyone could make these. The recipe calls for hazelnuts. I don’t have hazelnuts. And I don’t really like them. So…Pecans it is!! I love pecans. I like them in desserts, in salads, in main dishes, or just straight out of DSC_0365 the shell. The pecans had to be finely ground and then mixed with the flour. Since it was such a small amount of pecans, it gave me a chance to bust out the mini chopper. I love the mini chopper. What can I say, I am a kitchen gadget girl. 

When the nuts were all ground up and mixed with the flour, it was added to the butter and sugar. That’s it! Can’t get much easier. A few people from twd used pecans and did not like them. I thought they were great. For some reason, it just worked for me.


Roll the mix into spoon size balls and carefully poke a hole in the middle. When  baked, the holes puffed a little, so I used a 1/2 teaspoon to poke the holes back down. Move them to the cookie rack and dust with powdered sugar. When they were all done, I cooked the jam. Well, the recipe called for raspberry jam. Again, I didn’t have jam and neither of us really like raspberry stuff.  So I subbed cherry preserves. I had a mix of black cherry and cherry that I cooked. It tasted delicious. It was just the right amount of tart. Mixed with the pecans in the cookies, the cherry worked really well.



We both really liked these cookies. They are very light and the size is the just right bite. After sitting covered over night, they get a little softer. They have a nice crunch but are soft and a tiny bit crumbly at the same time. These would be great for a tea or a shower or just because. Enjoy!!



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  1. 03/11/2010 12:03 pm

    I like how you used the measuring spoon to make the thumbprint indents!

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