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TWD #23 Sweet Cream Biscuits


DSC_0604Yummy, yum, yum…biscuits are yum.  I mean, really, who doesn’t like biscuits? If you don’t wish that you could eat a big ole biscuit every morning for breakfast, I don’t wanna know.

I totally made these on time. Made them, took pictures and enjoyed them for breakfast over the weekend. I just didn’t get it posted. Hubs went out of town and had the nerve to take the laptop with him. Sure, I could have used the house computer…but I didn’t.

The host for these yummy breakfast treats was Melissa of Love At First Bite. Check out her blog to see what she had to say and to get the recipe. You can also check out the TWD page to see what my fellow bloggers had to say about these.

These were beyond easy to make.  Just mix up the flour and baking powder with a little cream and you are all set! When it was all mixed up, I patted it in a ball and got them ready to cut. Dories says that you can roll or pat out the dough. Simply being lazy and not wanting to get out the rolling pin, I decided to pat them out.



I used my round cutter to cut out the biscuits. I had read on the TWD p&q where someone said to have the biscuits touching when you put them in the oven. It said that when they touch, they have to go up instead of spreading out like flat pancakes. I gave it a shot and it worked for me. Of course, I have nothing to base this on. This is only the second try at biscuits. That just means I will have to try more recipes and see if that still works! 🙂


DSC_0601 Overall, these were a good biscuit. Because of the cream, they were very thick. Next time, I will brush some butter on top. We enjoyed these with breakfast. To me, biscuits are best warm from the oven with butter and a big spoonful of jam! Enjoy!!



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