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Sunflower Cupcakes


DSC_0796 I love sunflowers. I especially love it when I see them in the store this time of year. They are such a cheery flower. And what is better than real flowers…cupcake flowers!! When hubs got me the Hello Cupcake book for Easter, I knew that these were going to be on my to-do list of baking.

Other than being extremely time consuming, these were a breeze to make. I used my now go-to vanilla cupcake recipe, topped it with some green frosting, plopped on some Oreos and then piped away the flower border. The finishing touch was a red m&m that I piped on some black dots to look like a ladybug. Ok, so maybe there was a little more to it than that!

If you don’t have the book yet, you really should check it out. It has adorable cupcake ideas and even tells you how to decorate them without any fancy tools—all you need is some Ziploc bags. Of course, they use cake mixes and canned frosting. That I cannot do. And since I have the frosting tips and baking gadgets, I like to play around with them and learn how to use them.

Like I said, I used my go to vanilla cupcake recipe for these. It is easy to mix and tastes delicious. Hubs is always hanging out in the kitchen looking for extras when I bake these. I used my buttercream recipe for all of the frosting on these cupcakes. Some of the frosting was tinted green, some orange and yellow, and the last little bit was tinted black. You can find the recipe for that here.



Once the cakes were nice and cool, I used the green frosting for the base. I guess you could use any color, but the book suggests green, so that is what I went with. Before the frosting dries, stick a couple of Oreos on the cupcake. Some of the cakes got one Oreo in the middle, while some cakes got a big and a little Oreo on them. I even did a couple that had three of the little Oreos on top. You could play around with these in a ton of different ways. Like the book says…have fun and get creative!



The next part was the most time consuming and hand cramping part for me. I had never used the leaf tip before and didn’t know how to turn it so that you get a leaf shape and not just a squiggle line. After a couple ugly practice cupcakes, I had it down. Now to tackle the mound of cupcakes staring at me. Now I know why they only make 12 cupcakes in their books!! I freely admit that I am a slow worker. It usually takes me forever to get baking projects—or any other projects—done. But, man…these were quite a chunk of time. Once I figured out how to hold the tip, I began piping away around the Oreos to make the petals of the flower. I didn’t think that one layer of petals were enough, so I did two layers. Then I went around and just filled in some holes. I used yellow on some, orange and some and then I did one set that had orange and yellow in the bag. The effect was pretty cool…I liked the two colors of the petals.




DSC_0786  When all of the flowers were fully petaled and ready, I added a “ladybug” to each flower. I think that the ladybug really made these cupcakes. It was the perfect touch to finish them. For the ladybugs, I used a red m&m. I stuck it to the cookie with the black frosting. I put a blob of frosting at the top to look like the head, a line down the middle and then some dots on the side. It was funny to watch people try to figure out what the ladybug was—they had no idea it was an m&m!!

These were a huge hit at work! I don’t think that they even lasted until the afternoon. They were adorable and would be cute for just about any occasion. I can’t wait to try more cupcakes from the book. I am thinking about the werewolf ones…even though I am Team Edward! :o) Enjoy!!



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  1. 07/06/2010 8:07 pm

    Hi Meg, I’m an old work friend of Marks. Your goodies look adorable and yummy. I can wait to try a recipe (or two). My sister will be throwing me a shower in September, and I’d love to have you make a cake for us. How ambitious do you feel? LOL I havent picked a “theme” yet, but id love to know what you have done in the past. Email me some photos and or any ideas you might have. I have a huge family, five sisters and 19 nieces and nephews, and we are known in Freeds Bakery by name…but the same ol’e birthday sheet cake month after month tends to get boring. I cant wait to see / taste what you can do. How much notice do you need, and what would be the “average” cost of a cake? Do you charge per person?? I look forward to hearing from you soon. Take Care!!!

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