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TWD #26 Apple-Apple Bread Pudding


The good news is that I am finally doing a TWD post—and even on a Tuesday. The bad news is that this was from a few weeks ago. Even though this was a TWD from weeks…maybe months ago, I am just now blogging about it. To say that I have been busy is an understatement. I have had a ton of cake orders lately….which is a great thing!! But, it is also bad for having a life and blogging and sleep! It would be one thing if I could just do cakes all day, but a full day of teaching and then a night full of cakes makes for busy days!! Ok…now that that is out of the way. ;o)

DSC_0761 I have figured out that there is a very definite line about bread pudding. You either love it, or you hate it. I happen to love it. But I think that I am the only one that I know that likes it. My mom, dad, and mother-in-law all can’t stand it. Hubs won’t even look at it. Just writing this is making me want some right now. I mean, how can you not like custard and bread all smooshed together and baked?!? I don’t care what folks say, I love it.

Thanks to Elizabeth of Cake or Death? for this pick. Check out her blog for the recipe and pics. This was such a great pick. I would never have made a bread pudding without this group. I love making new things that seem kind of foreign to me and getting out of that baking comfort zone.

I had never really thought about how bread pudding was made. It was always something I would see as a dessert selection in a restaurant, but never think that I would make it. It was really very simple to make. The apples cooked up nice and quick. Since they would continue cooking in the oven, they were not meant to be cooked to mush. Even though I love cooked apples with cinnamon, I would leave them out next time. I ended up picking around the apples and just going for the bread!



DSC_0758 Once the apples were cooked and the custard sauce made, it just had to be assembled. The bread was lightly toasted and smeared with apple butter. I just got a loaf of French bread from the store even though the recipe called for something else. Dorie also says to used spiced apple butter. Who knew there were so many kinds of apple butter? I saw about four different kinds when looked. I think that the spice was a nice hidden element of this. You don’t expect it, but again, Dorie was right about the need for spice.




The bread went down in the buttered and sugared pan. It was topped with the cooked apples and another layer of bread cubes. Pour over the cream and pop it in the oven. When the custard is set, then it is time to come out of the oven and enjoy! Dorie said to wait a few minutes before eating, but I couldn’t wait. I scooped it in a bowl, dusted it with some powdered sugar and had to dig right in. If you like bread pudding, you will love this! Enjoy!!


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