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TWD #27 White Chocolate Brownies


Well better late than never certainly applies to this one. This recipe is from so long ago, I don’t even remember any of the details about it. I had to really dig through TWD to find out who picked this recipe. I guess that the summer makes me a slacker. I made this one, just never posted about it—that actually applies to about four Dorie’s that I have not posted yet. So, let’s get to it!

DSC_0018 This pick was chosen by Marthe of Culinary Delights. Stop by her blog for the recipe and check out all of the wonderful things that she has on her blog! You can always check out the TWD site and see what all of the chatter was about these brownies!

These brownies were totally not what I expected. When you read the title, you think it will be a typical brownie with white chocolate chunks  somewhere. Kind of, but not really. These were absolutely delicious, but tasted more like fruit than chocolate and brownie. If you were looking for it, you could taste the chocolate. But mostly, it was a bite of fruity goodness. The top of the brownie was kind of crackly and under it was moist cake with the perfect amount of zest and fruit on the bottom.

This was a typical Dorie recipe. It was easy to make and tasted even better. It did call for a layer of meringue on top of the brownies. I decided to skip that part because hubs is not a huge fan  of meringue…and I was being lazy and not wanting to whip egg whites. 🙂

Butter and chocolate were melted and cooled. Orange zest was added to the batter and then it was topped with raspberries and popped in the oven. Simple and easy.




I will definitely make these again. They were not very white chocolatey but had a fabulous fruity taste and were nice and light. Enjoy!



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