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TWD #29 Tender Shortcakes



This is the third or fourth biscuit like recipe that I have made from Dorie’s book. Not one of those recipes can compare to this one. These shortcakes were delicious!!

I have not had much luck with the biscuity things in this book yet. They all tasted kind of like flour, or where just blah. But these, these were perfect. Hubs took one bite and said “mmmm, it tastes like butter!” Anyhing that tastes like butter is good to me! Check out Cathy of The Tortefeasor for the recipe and see what she had to say about the shortcakey goodness of this recipe!



The flour and butter were mashed up with my fingers. Then the cream was added and it was tossed with a fork until it was a sticky dough ball. Bring the whole thing together in a dough ball to make sure all the flour is incorporated, working quickly. I halved the recipe and got five huge shortcakes. I popped them in the oven on a silpat and let them bake away.



When the shortcakes came out of the oven, I split them open and topped them with berries and cream. For this one, I used a combo of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. We had these for dessert and they were perfect on  a hot summer night. You could use any berries for this, or just leave them plain. These shortcakes were so good that I will so be making them again! They would be great fro dessert or even as a sweet biscuit for breakfast. Enjoy!!


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