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Blueberries and Cream Trifle



There is something really fun about a trifle. I don’t know why, but they are always fun to make and eat! My mama got me a trifle bowl a few years a go and I finally had something to make in it other than a flower centerpiece for the table!

When I say that this is easy, it is a huge understatement. I got this idea from my mama. She would always make this huge blueberry cake during the summer—usually around the 4th of July. Since it was only three of us for the 4th this year, I went with a scaled down version of that cake and did a trifle.

It takes only four ingredients to make this cake. If you have a cake mix, cool whip, sour cream and blueberries, you can make this cake. Normally I would never use a cake mix, but the point of this dessert is that it should be easy. I used two 8 inch pans to make the cake. The edges of the cake got a little brown, so I trimmed them off before adding them with the strawberry sauce. I was planning on adding red food color to this, but forgot all about it until the cake was in the oven. My plan b was to add some strawberry sauce to the cake so that I could have a red white a blue trifle.



DSC_0026   I mixed the sour cream and cool whip and let it chill in the fridge until I needed it. The blueberry pie filling was a no brainer and then the cake just had to be cooled. When it was ready, I chunked it up and tossed it with some strawberry sauce that I had made with strawberry jam and powdered sugar. Using my trifle bowl,  I layered the cake with the fillings in the bowl in a read white a blue order. I put down a layer of cake, then cream and topped with blueberries. I had enough room for two complete layers in the bowl. It makes a pretty dessert that is super easy and tasty at the same time. You will love the ease of this dessert and everyone will rave over how yummy it tastes!! Enjoy!


Blueberries and Cream Trifle


1 butter cake mix

16 oz of sour cream

26 oz of cool whip, thawed

2 cans of blueberry pie filling


Bake cake according to directions on box. Mix the thawed cool whip with the sour cream. Allow to chill in the fridge until needed. Chill the blueberry pie filling in the fridge so it is nice and cold.When the cake is cool, break it into pieces and layer in the bottom of the trifle bowl. Top with a layer of cream and then a layer of blueberries. Repeat with more cake, cream and finish with blueberries on top.

This can be served cold or slightly at room temperature. It can easily be made the day ahead. I think that it even tastes better when done ahead of time.



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