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TWD #31 Chewy Chunky Blondies


I don’t even know how late I am in this Dorie posting. We have been so busy that baking and blogging have taken a total back seat to the rest of the stuff going on. After teaching at the same school for the past five years, it was time for me to move on. Being a year round school, I had to work all summer. So it was August and we were packing up one room, moving to another school, trying to get the new room ready and take a vacation all  in the span of three weeks!

Now that all of that is settled, I finally feel like we are back in our routine. We got the stuff moved, I got the new room set up, we went to Disney World and have been having a blast teaching kindergarten at my new school! It has definitely been a whirlwind month. Now that school is a couple of weeks in and I feel more comfortable with the school and the routine, our home life can get back to normal too.  And that means getting back in the kitchen and doing some baking and blogging! I have a ton of picture on my camera from past things and am determined to get them all posted on the blog this month! So, here it goes 🙂

DSC_0220 These blondies were super duper yummy! They will be a must make when I need a quick and easy treat to take somewhere. They were the perfect mix of brownie, chocolate, nuts and just a tiny bit of coconut. Every time we ate one of these, we oohed and ahhed over them.

They were picked by Nicole of Cookies on Friday. Stop by her blog and get the recipe and see hat she and the other folks had to say about these brownies.



The butter and sugar were mixed up. Then the nuts, chocolate and coconut were stirred in to the DSC_0222mix. Spread it out in a pan and pop it in the oven. It really was that easy. Make sure to let them cool all the way before you try one. It is so tempting to try them when they are hot, but they are totally worth the wait! Enjoy!!



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