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Since you been gone…


So…I know that I have not been the best at keeping up with my blog. Since I  have not posted anything since October, I feel like I should go in the blog hall of shame. You know, like if you skip the gym for months and then feel like people are judging you when you go back. Maybe that is just me. I know that I write this for me. But I still feel bad that my mama has been checking for new posts everyday for the past three months.

This whole thing started as a hobby. I was baking for pure pleasure on the weekends. Since I am a kindergarten teacher, I don’t usually run home and want to start a tiered masterpiece after work. Well, this fall my fun little side hobby turned in to quite a money making hobby. Pretty much every weekend, I was baking away on something. If it was not cakes, it was cupcakes, or cookie pops, or cookies, or cake pops. I was super busy with all of my new orders–and I was thrilled to have them. All of that baking left little time to blog. So, here is a picture montage of the past few months worth of baking. Enjoy the pics and stay tuned for new recipes!!

(And oh yeah, I almost always did my blogging on the laptop. Since that was stolen from our car by some loser in Texas, any New Year’s resolutions to blog more kinda went out the window (ha!) with our laptop. Now I guess I will just have to make the trek upstairs to keep my one reader updated on all of my baking adventures!) Smile









These pictures don’t include the various orders I had for cookies, cookie pops, or the 6 dozen Christmas cookies I did for my assistant principal! I most have totally spaced on taking pics of all of those. But, this does show ya what I have been up to in the past few months.

I took the holidays off from blogging last year too. But it sure does feel good to be back in the kitchen and on the computer sharing my baking with the world—well, at least sharing with my mama! Enjoy!!



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