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TWD # 37 Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins


DSC_0691The saying goes that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Forget the lemonade, make these muffins!! I went through a “I don’t really like lemon stuff” phase for quite awhile. Thank goodness I am out of that! There are three words to describe these muffins…a-maz-ing!!

This was picked by Betsy of A Cup of Sweetness. Check out her blog for the recipe. She has a great blog full of lots of fun things.

I have been trying to make these muffins all week. Again, I am behind on my Dorie posts. We had an interesting week in our house and every night we had something going on after work. I was not going to skip these and got up this morning and whipped us up some muffins. Like most muffin recipes, these were super easy to make and tasted even better.



The first thing I needed was lemons. Not just the zest, but the whole thing. I love it when a recipe uses the whole fruit. If all I need is the zest, then I will usually forget about the naked lemon or line sitting in my fridge and finally have to throw it out.  I hate throwing away food. Anyways…zest and juice went into these muffins making them extra lemony!


The wet stuff was mixed with the flour and sugar to get a thick batter. The last thing to go in was the poppy seeds. I bake a lot and have just about every spice, extract, emulsion and oil you need, but I had no poppy seeds. Luckily I remembered to pick them up and didn’t have to send hubs on a special “I have already been to the store twice today, will you go get them trip.”



I used my new light colored pans and jumbo cups. I wanted a big breakfast muffin. Big indeed. These puppies were huge. Just like a breakfast muffin should be. The final touch was a lemon and powdered sugar glaze that was drizzled over the top. The muffins are almost like by themselves and really delicious. The glaze adds an extra lemon punch to these. It gives them a nice, tart sweetness to finish them off.

I totally loved these muffins. Make some for yourself and see. You will be coming back to this recipe over and over. I can’t wait to have to take in breakfast foods and make these. Or just for us on a Saturday morning! Enjoy!!



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