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TWD #39 Bourbon Bread Pudding



I love bread pudding. I was so excited to see this on the list of picks. It is the second bread pudding that we have  done and this one was even better than the last one. Again, hubs would not even touch it. Something about eggy bread is not his thing.

This was picked by Sharon from Simply Southern. She has great step by step pictures and the recipe for this one.

It starts off like every other bread pudding with bread. I went looking for a challah and could not find one, so I ended up with a fresh loaf of french bread.  Since it was fresh, I popped it in the oven to “stale” it. I cubed it and tossed it in the pan.


The eggs and sugar were heated up with the milk and cream and then some vanilla and bourbon were added in. It only called for a tablespoon of bourbon and, once it was cooked, you couldn’t even taste it. I am not a fan of bourbon, so I was glad that the taste didn’t come screaming through.


The pudding baked up perfectly. I was doughy and had enough egg in it to still be custardy too. I walked by all day and would cut off a chunk to pop in my mouth. I thought it was super yummy and will definitely make it again! Enjoy!!





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