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Cupcake Cookie Pops



What is better than cake? Cake on a stick!! Actually, these are cookies shaped like a cupcake on a stick. In a word…awesome!!

I have made cake pops once before. They are time consuming, but super easy to make. I have been jonesing to make some again and found a new no-bake way to make them even better.

I was goofing around on facebook, looking up the Minty skit from Conan, and came across a little cupcake cake pop mold. If you have seen cake pops before, you have seen how Bakearella makes a cupcake shaped cake pop. She uses a cookie cutter to form the cake pops into a cupcake shape. I just got the Cake Pops book and have wanted to try these. And then I saw the My Little Cupcake mold. It was too cute and knew I had to get one.

The cupcake mold came with a recipe for a no-bake pop. It uses oreos and cream cheese as a binder. Not that big of a plain cream cheese fan, I decided to change it up some. The package of oreos are ground up to a fine crumb. Then I mixed the crumbs with a couple of cups of my buttercream frosting.  I did add a touch of cream cheese—maybe three tablespoons—I just wanted to make sure it was moist enough to hold the shape.



The mixed crumbs were scooped out using an ice cream scoop. Once all scooped out, they were rolled into balls and popped in the fridge. Sometimes you can use the freezer, but I found that the freezer can make them too hard to work with. Once they had cooled in the fridge, I put the balls in the mold to make them look like a cupcakes.


I did all of the mixing and rolling and pressing on one day. The next day, I moved on to the dipping and decorating. These are quite time consuming, so I like to break it up if I am doing them during the week while I am working.

After being molded, I put them in the fridge. Taking out about six at a time, first they get dipped in the chocolate for the bottom of the cupcake. The stick goes in the bottom and they are put in an egg carton to cool off upside down. When I had enough of these chilled, then I started on the tops of the cupcake.


For some reason, the tops did not come out very defined. I dipped them once and stood them up in a styrofoam block to cool off. Then, I went back and double dipped in the pink to make sure it was a good,solid coating. Maybe the double coat kind of masked the shape? I am not sure and will have to work on that some more later. Smile It didn’t really matter since I was coating them in candies and placing a skittle on top.


I had all of my candies ready to go and put them on once I had dripped off the excess and before the pink started to dry. I used a tin with a tissue paper covered styrofoam block to display the pops. I stuck all of the pops in their place and covered the bottom with more skittles. The end result was an adorable bouquet of oreo goodness. These were unbelievably easy to make and even more delicious to eat. I will definitely make these every chance I get to take in a cute dessert. Give them a try when you want a fun treat that is sure to make everyone ooh and aah! Enjoy!!



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  1. sundayroses permalink
    02/24/2011 2:53 pm

    Those are incredibly adorable!!!

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