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TWD #40 Chocolate Oatmeal Drops



Is it chocolate? Is it oatmeal? I just don’t know. This is definitely a strange little cookie. I don’t know why, but Dorie tends to put way too much unsweetened coco powder in things—at least for my taste buds. I’m not saying that this was a stinker  of a cookies, it was just not a fave of mine.

In a strange twist, hubs loved these cookies! He has a couple for dessert each night and raves about how much he like the weird little cookies. I had another bite, just to check, and still did not enjoy it.

I feel bad saying that I did not like someone’s Dorie pick. I would hate it if everyone hated my pick—if I ever get one. But it just was not my kind of cookie. I love oatmeal cookies. I loved chocolate cookies. I love cinnamon cookies. Something about the three flavors together did not work for me.

These were picked by Caroline and Claire of Bake With Us. They were picked a couple of weeks ago, but I am tad behind. Oh well Smile Check out their blog for the recipe. They are sisters that share a blog. I think that is such a cute idea.

The cookies were super simple to make. I will want to try them again and change some of the ingredients to see if I can get them where I want them. No mixer was needed, but I did have to break out he double boiler pan.


Even though I read the recipe a million times, I totally biffed and added the oats to the sugar and chocolate mixtures. Oops.  Once the chocolate was melted, it was mixed with the flour and it was done. I used the scoop and the silpat for these. They all came out perfectly round and uniform.

Like I said, they were easy to make, but just an odd taste for me. I won’t rule these out like I did the coco-nana bread, but I will have to give it a good tweak or two. If you like chocolate, oats and cinnamon, then these are the cookies for you! Enjoy!!




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