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Fondant Bow Cake



I have only been doing cakes and working with fondant for a little over  a year. In that year, I have tried lots of new things and learned tons. One of the things I had really been wanting to do again was a fondant bow. I have only done one bow before this one—it was for my very first fondant cake I did. It was my 31st birthday cake. For my first try, I loved it. It was the first one I had done and it was my birthday so I loved it. Smile

I don’t really need a reason to bake a cake. But, since it just happened to be my sister-in-law’s birthday, I decided to whip up a cake for her. They had a party with some people on the weekend before, so we had a small family get together on her actual birthday. I did an 8 inch butter cake with a chocolate swiss meringue frosting and fondant accents. It was delish!!




I knew what I needed to do to fix the problems I had with the first bow–make the layers thinner, shorter and pinch the ends together. So, that is exactly what I did. I went with a  turquoise and black color scheme, and decided to put the turquoise bow on top. I rolled the fondant out, measured it and used water to stick the ends together. I pinched the ends to make them easier to fit when assembling it. They laid on their sides to dry for a few days. I had more than I needed just in case one broke—and sure enough, I had two break on me, so I was glad to have extras.


I had seen several tutorials on ways to make the bow look better. Most of them would twist the loops so that some were flat and some were on their sides. This made the process super easy and looked great when it was all put together. I used white candy melts that I tinted blue to hold the pieces in place. I had the bow on a piece of  wax paper so that it would be easy to put on the cake when done. I  kept layering loops to the bow until it looked finished. I think I used 16 loops in all. When they were assembled, I dusted the pieces with some shimmer powder. I mixed blue and silver together and brushed it all over the loops. Next time I do this, I will brush on the powder before I assemble the bow.



For the accents, I used a round cutter and one of my large tips to make circles in the black and turquoise fondant. I did big, small and hollow circles to go around the cake. I did a pearl border of black and turquoise balls around the bottom of the cake.

I was really happy with how this cake came out. It tasted great and looked super cute. I loved doing polka dot cakes. Something about polka dots always brings a smile to my face. I can’t wait to do another one! Enjoy!!



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  1. Sarah permalink
    05/14/2011 6:42 pm

    How did you make the fondant turquoise??

    • 05/19/2011 5:24 am

      I used the wilton teal color mixed with some sky blue. I only used just a tiny bit of each and then dusted with a mix of blue and silver powder. Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

  2. amber permalink
    07/21/2011 3:26 pm

    hello i have tried several fondant recipes and im not satisfied with the results. Any tips?

    • 08/03/2011 2:53 pm

      I usually have really good results with the marshmallow fondant recipe that I have on here. Sometimes it is too dry and stiff, but adding small amounts of water to it will help it be more pliable and the consistency that I need.
      Also, if you are making a marshmallow recipe, always use the name brand–Jet Puff- marshmallows. I have used the generics and hated the results. The same goes for the powdered sugar–use the name brand. I used C&H, but now that I am on the east coast again I am using Domino brand. And add the water slowly. Too much is just as bad as too much.

      Sorry it took so long to reply! Moving left no time for blogging 🙂 Hope this helps!!

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