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TWD #43 Corniest Corn Muffins



Being a Southern girl, I love cornbread. It is one of those staple sides that is at every bbq, southern restaurant, and at lots of family meals. The big divide is between Jiffy and everything else. I am easy, I like them both. But my all time favorite is when my mama makes cornbread with corn it. When we were home for Christmas, she made my favorite dinner complete with the corn cornbread. I am still thinking about all that southern deliciousness! Smile

I am so glad that this was picked. Since the cookbook is mainly desserts, this was something that I would never have made on my own. Jill of My Next Life picked these tasty little muffins. Check out her blog for the recipe and pics. She has a great blog with beautiful pics.

Again, this was a super easy pick. I love it when the Dorie recipes are something new and easy and don’t require a tons of new ingredients. I had everything for these in the cabinet and had them whipped up in about 15 minutes.


Hubs usually doesn’t go for corn in his cornbread. But we both loved these! He could hardly wait for dinner to be ready to start eating them. We just had to have one as soon as they were out of the oven. I will make these again and again. While they will never replace mama’s cornbread, these will certainly be a yummy addition to your meal! Enjoy!!



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