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TWD #44 Citrus Currant Sunshine Muffins



The name of this muffin says it all. It is definitely is a little bite of sunshine. I was so not excited when I saw that the pick was another muffin. I was proved wrong, yet again. So glad that I made these muffins. They are bright, cheery and a perfect springtime breakfast.

These were picked by Lauryn of Bella Baker. Check out her blog for her pictures and the recipe. She has a great blog with tons of awesome recipes and pictures.

The only issue I had with the muffin was the currants. What is a currant? I still don’t really know much about it. They are usually red berries and when dried, taste a lot like raisins. I had no idea where to get them—it is not one of those things that the walmart neighborhood market is gonna carry. So, I hopped on over to Whole Foods and, sure enough, they had a big tub of them. Next to them was some dried cherries, so I picked up some of those to add in too!

Like all muffins, these were super simple to make. The dry ingredients were mixed together. The liquids were whisked together and then added to the dry. The fruits were added in at the last minute and away they went into the oven.



These muffins were perfectly balanced. The dried fruits went so well with the orange zest and lemon and orange juices. The combo was truly like a sunshine muffin. They baked up easily and tasted even better. They would be great for Saturday morning with coffee or any time you need a citrus burst! Enjoy!!






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  1. 03/15/2011 8:02 pm

    We loved these at my house. I skipped out on the currants and went with a dried fruit blend. Yum!

  2. 03/16/2011 12:29 pm

    This was one yummy muffin! I added dates instead of currants, delish!

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