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Skull Cupcakes



It seems that the skull and crossbones has become popular again. You see it everywhere—clothes, purses, backpacks, and even food. I don’t think that I will even get used to them on children’s clothes, but, to each their own. Since they are all over the place, it makes sense that you will start seeing them more and more on cakes and cupcakes.

I had an order for a 40th birthday party that had a skull and crossbones theme to it. I knew immediately that I wanted to do a stamped topper for the cakes. Originally, I had also planned on using my tappits to top some of them with 40’s. Unfortunately, I got violently ill and had to adjust my plans a bit. Since I could not stop shaking and still had a fever, I thought that the end result turned out pretty good!

The cupcakes were my red velvet and they were topped with You can find the red velvet recipe here. I used my jumbo french tip for the piping. Instead of swirling the frosting around, I just piped it out and pulled straight up to get a nice big dollop of frosting on top.


I used a circle cutter to make the circles. Since they were going on cream cheese frosting, I used a mix of gum paste and fondant. I wanted them to be stiff so that they did not droop after sitting on the very moist frosting. Once the circles were cut, I used a skull stamp to make the impression. To make the white ones shimmer, I added a tiny bit of shimmer dust.

The toppers went on the cupcakes and they were good to go. Using a stamp is a super easy way to add a fondant topper to any cupcake. I can’t wait to try lots of different ones!! Enjoy!





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