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Maroon Bow Cake



So, we have been in Mississippi for almost two months now. The summer was busy with moving and unpacking and setting up our new place. We went to the beach and up to the mountains. And now it is August. The time when I am usually going back to work. Yeeeaaaahhhh. Well, hmmm. Vegas had like 300 elementary schools. Now we live in a town that has 4. That’s right folks—4!! Taking my job chances down to slim and none. At least for this year. There is always a chance for something later, just nothing is happening now.

So, I have been looking at the local bakeries in town seeing if they need any new help. I have only been baking from home, but really think that I have a knack for baking and cake decorating.

I stopped by a bakery last week and asked if they were hiring. They said no. I asked for an application and was told that an application was bringing in an iced cake. Ooooh…a challenge! I have started baking again since we moved and have been itching to do a cake. Now I had a reason. I immediately thought about what I could do to show some of my talents. I am pretty confident in my fondant work and figured that a bow would be a good piece for the topper to a cake. And, hey, I got to play with some fondant again!! woohoo!!


I wanted to to the cake in maroon with black accents. Maroon is all over this town so why not make a maroon bow? You can see from the picture that I had to use a ton of color. I used some burgundy mixed with ameri-color super red. That color was everywhere. My hands were pink for two days, my rolling pin was pink and the counter had to be scrubbed with comet to get the pink out!

I rolled, measured and cut my fondant into strips. A dab of water on one side and fold it over and pinch the ends together. I only had one day for these to dry, so I used a goodly amount of gumpaste in this mix. The loops were drying on their sides over night. I kept flipping them around so that each side would be on top.


When the pieces were dry, I brushed on a red sparkle powder to all sides of the loops. Now the gluing together. I had red candy melts, but needed to darken it up and had no time to get something ordered. But, I had chocolate chips in the freezer and figured that the brown would do the trick…and it did! I melted the two together and used it as the glue to hold the bow together.

The cake was super simple—chocolate cake with white buttercream frosting. I used the leftover maroon and some black that I had to make the ball border and polka dots for the cake. And that was it—now it was time to assemble.


I was really happy with the way the cake came out. The bow was a great color and came together really well and had a nice height to it. I dropped it off at the bakery with more shots of my work for them to look at. Who knows if anything will come from it, but I had a good time making this one! I got back in the kitchen and found out that fondant will work in the south with all of this humidity!! Enjoy!!







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