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Oreo Panda Pops



Who doesn’t love pandas?? Even better than a cuddly, stuffed panda is a panda pop! I made these a while back for a little girl that was having an animal themed birthday party. I also did the animal cupcakes—those will be a later post. The panda pops were the favor for the girl’s guest to take home. These were quite time consuming, but too cute and tasted even better! I loved these as soon as I saw them in the Cake Pops book that my mama got me and was super excited to get to make them!

I was super busy the weekend that I had this order. I had this, fondant animal cupcakes and a 1/2 sheet star wars themed cake for my principal! And it was the day that we found out hubs had been accepted at MSU for the doctoral program!! Needless to say, my mind was all over the place. We celebrated with a bottle of Dom and went to visit his mom and brother and then I had about 3 days worth of work to get done in 24 hours!! So…I may not have too many pics for this post, but it is an easy one to get without them.

The pops started off with oreos and buttercream. I ground a whole package of regular oreos to a fine crumb in my ninja blender. To that I added some of my buttercream and cream cheese. I don’t measure this, I just add until I think it is enough—until the mix is sticky, but not wet, and will hold a ball shape. I would guess that I use a cup of frosting and 4-5 ounces of cream cheese. I use a small cookie scoop to make the cookie balls. I scoop them all out, then roll into a round shape and pop them in the fridge to chill. At this point, they can stay in the fridge overnight, or until ya need them.


I had all of the pieces I needed for the panda pop in bowls and ready to go. I had black m&m’s, mini chocolate chips, pink hearts and dots, and candy eyes. For the pop, I used the white candy melts. You want to make sure to try and get the coating as smooth as possible, since there is nothing to cover up any flaws. I usually do a couple of coats and spin the stick to get the excess off.


I coated a few pops at a time. The ones I wasn’t using stayed in the fridge to keep cool. After I had dipped them, they got two m&m eyes and ears, a chocolate chip nose and a pink bow. The bow is a pink circle and two hearts turned on their sides. You have to work pretty quickly so that you get it all on there before the candy sets. I put the eyes on the m&m’s with a tiny dab of the candy melts. Just hold them in place until they are set so that they don’t fall off. You can get more pics and the step by step instructions that Bakerella has in her book or on her awesome blog. 

I used a food writer pen to draw the mouth. (I have no pics of this—must have been running late!!) Smile The wilton one did not work well. I would get the americolor or ateco ones from Amazon. They need to be able to write on the candy, not just fondant.


When the pops were all dry, I put a bag on them and tied it with a pink ribbon. They provided the black and white box. I put a styrofoam block in the bottom, put the pops in and then put the green grass in to cover the bottom.  These came out super cute. Despite having a ton of steps, they were easy to put together and the oreo pops are just delish!! There are tons more animals in her book that I am wanting to make. They are easy and fun for any event!! Enjoy!!




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