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Bubblegum Cupcakes



Yum, yum bubblegum. I always have gum on me—usually some sort of minty flavor. But my fave is still pink bubblegum. Wanting to try a new buttercream flavor, I thought…why not a bubblegum buttercream?!?

I was deep in the aisles of Hobby Lobby when I saw the Lorann flavored oils. I had seen them online and knew I could use them in buttercream and figured I would try them out. They have tons of flavors—fruits, mint, root beer and then I cam across bubblegum!! I  thought, I  like bubblegum, I bet it would be an even better frosting!


I started off with a vanilla cupcake in pink liners. This was a very thick batter, so I used an ice cream scooper to put a big dollop of batter in each cup. This was a new cake recipe that I tried. It was a good cake—more like a pound cake than a typical vanilla cupcake—but it was a good one that I will keep in the recipe rotation.


I used my regular buttercream recipe and, instead of using vanilla in the recipe, I used the bubblegum flavoring. It comes in this tiny little bottle—your first sign that it is a powerful flavoring. I normally use a tablespoon or two of vanilla. For this one, I used a scant teaspoon of bubblegum flavor. It is a super strong flavor and a little goes a long way. I started off with a half teaspoo0n and then added a teeny bit more after tasting it. I wanted it to taste like bubblegum, but not be too strong or sweet. Color it pink and you have yourself some bubblegum buttercream!!



I topped the cupcakes with a giant gumball. I found this big box of colored gumballs at tjmaxx the other day and knew that they would go perfect with my bubblegum cupppies. I didn’t want to clutter the top with a bunch of gum balls that people would take off, so I went with just the one.

These cupcakes came out soooo cute. I love the colors and the flavor. I can’t wait to make more fun flavored buttercreams! If you are a bubblegum lover, you will be a big fan of this cupcake!! Enjoy!



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