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TWD #46 Gameday Brownies



Since the name of the group is Tuesdays with Dorie, it does make sense that the posts are to be on a Tuesday. Well, sometimes, that just doesn’t work out. I made these on Thursday for the game and just got around to writing about today. Oh well. A post is a post and it is always better to be late than never.

This week’s pick was chosen by Anne of Anne Strawberry. Go see her blog for the recipe. She tried lots of variations on the recipe that sounded great. She has tons of great recipes with everything from cupcakes to croutons.

I am always down for a brownie. And hubs would probably rather have brownies than dinner. They are right up there with chicken wings for him. That being said, I had a little issue with these. They were fudgy and chewy and had an awesome chocolate taste. They just were not a thick brownie. I followed Dorie’s recipe and put them in an 8×8 pan. I usually like to make my brownies in a cookie sheet—they come out thick and are easy to cut into shapes. To make this recipe fill a cookie sheet, I would have to triple it. Now I know and will totally make these again—just make a lot more of them. Smile


The recipe called for unsweet and bittersweet. I didn’t have enough, so I subbed milk and bittersweet. I thought the combo worked out perfectly—it was sweet, but not too sweet. The chocolate and butter is melted in a double boiler until it is creamy and mixed together.


Once the butter and chocolate is melted, the sugar goes in. Then it gets the eggs, flour, vanilla, and espresso powder. Brownies are always quick to mix up and these are no exception. The batter goes in a sprayed pan and then pops in the oven. Dorie says to bake these for 25-30 minutes. Mine only baked for 20 minutes and were perfectly done–just proving that all oven are different.

I will definitely make these brownies again. I just know that to get a thick brownie, I need to double the recipe. It is a chewy, chocolaty brownie with a crunchy top and fudgy bottom. It will be perfect for tailgating, watching the game at home, or just because you want a brownie! Enjoy!!






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