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Chocolate Peanut Clusters





Crock pot…..check.

What to do with a rainy Wednesday when I have peanuts, chocolate and and a crock pot staring me down? I know…let’s make some peanut clusters!!

I was stumbling around online one day when I saw a strange little recipe for candy in a crock pot. I don’t even remember where I found it…it was one of those where I started off looking up apples and somehow landed on crock pot peanuts and chocolate. After reading the recipe, I knew that I wanted to give this a try. A crock pot is easy for dinners…why not dessert?!?


I got all of my stuff together, chopped the chocolate and the bark and then it all went into the pot. Peanuts on the bottom, topped with chocolate chips and German chocolate squares. Then the two packs of white almond bark was spread out on top of the whole thing. Plug in the pot, turn it on low and let it go for a few hours.

The recipe said to do three hours—I would say less. The newer models seems to cook faster and mine always gets a hot spot that burns. A burn spot is one thing for a pot roast, but not fun when working with candy.


When time is up, the mix will not be melted. You can see in the picture that the almond bark started to brown—like I said, two hours would be fine. Stir and stir until all of the chocolates are mixed and the peanuts are all coated. I used my small cookie scooper to plop these out on the cookie sheets. I lined them with wax paper so they would not stick.




These candies are beyond easy to make and have that great combo of salty and sweet with lots of crunch! I sent them with hubs to work and they seemed to be a hit. I can’t wait to try them again–and maybe even use a different combo of nuts. They would be great for treats at work, dessert buffets or for just whenever! Enjoy!!

Chocolate Peanut Clusters


1  16 oz. jar roasted, unsalted peanuts

1  16 oz. jar roasted, salted peanuts

1 12 oz. package semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 bar (4 ozs.) german chocolate, broken into pieces

3 lbs. (two 24 oz. pkgs.) white almond bark, broken into pieces


Put ingredients into a 4 or 5-quart crockpot in the order as listed. Cover and cook on low 3 hours. (In the newer crock pots, I think that 2 hours would be enough) Don’t remove lid! Turn off and allow to cool slightly. Mixture will not be melted but will be soft. Mix thoroughly and drop by teaspoon size cookie dropper or a teaspoon onto wax paper. Let cool thoroughly. Makes approximately 150 – 170 pieces.



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