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MSU Butter Cookies



Football is a big deal here in the South. Hubs didn’t realize how important sec football is down here since he has never been around it. If you are a football fan, you live for the fall. Just as important as the game is the tailgating.

Tailgating is huge. Gone are the days of popping open your trunk and having some cheetos. You have your tents and tables all decorated up. And then the food—it is like a football thanksgiving every week. I tend to focus on the sweet treats. Everyone loves a good cookie. As soon as a I saw the cowbell cookie cutter, I knew just what I was making for the game.


The first thing that this cookie needs is butter. Lots and lots of butter. I should sell this recipe to Paula Deen—with the amount of butter in them, they would be her new best friend! After the butter is whipped with the sugar, the flour goes in. You just have to know how much to put in. It can’t be too soft, or too stiff. I never knew what my mom meant until I made them myself. I usually pat the dough in a ball and let it rest for a bit before I roll it out. Pick your cutter and then they go in the oven.  Very few things smell better than a butter cookie in the oven.


The icing that I used is great. It hardens like a royal icing but doesn’t taste like tree bark. It is easy to whip up and pipes super easy. Sometimes I like to go with the buttercream type frosting, but this one is so great because you can stack the cookies and not mess up the frosting.

Once it is all mixed, I added the color. It did take an incredible amount to get the dark maroon that I wanted. The first thing I do is to outline the cookies. I don’t worry about them being too neat since I am gonna fill them. Once the outline is pretty set, then I fill in the cookies.


To do the inside work, I use a piping bag with the #2 tip to fill the paws. For the writing on the cowbells, I used a #1 tip. It was a little thin and ran too much, so I had to use the smallest tip to get it to look right.

I let these set up uncovered overnight and they were all ready for the tailgate. They were, as always, a hit with the crowd. Not to toot my own horn, but these cookies are unbelievably good—everyone always raves over them. Since it is a roll cookie, they are perfect for any occasion. Can’t wait to get going on my Halloween ones!! Enjoy!



You can find the cookie recipe here! And the icing recipe here!


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