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Chocolate Covered Pretzels



I love Halloween. It doesn’t win as my favorite holiday, but it is always fun to decorate for and fun to make cute Halloween treats. One of my favorite things about Halloween is candy corn. I love them. I always go for things with candy corns on them—baking cups, napkins, stickers and decorations. Besides eating them, I just love the look of them. I even have a candle in a big holder with candy corns around it on the table.

Wanting to make some candy pretzels, I figured I would use the candy corn colors on them. I love chocolate pretzels and thought it would be a fun treat for hubs to take to work. They are not a huge cupcake crowd—way unlike the group I worked with last year. I will keep working on them and make them cupcake lovers. But, for now, I went with candy pretzels. Thee perfect combo of salty and sweet.


I got all of my candy melts ready to go. Melt them in the microwave until they are dip-able. They key to candy melts is to use 50% power or the defrost setting. If you do it too high or for too long, it will separate and be too thick. If it is still too thick, add a little oil to thin it out.

Dip the pretzels in the melts and shake off the excess. I put 10-15 pretzels in the bowl at a time and stirred them around so they all got a good coating. I used my dipping spoon, but a fork would work just fine too. If you want to put sprinkles on them, make sure to do it before they dry. Lay them on a sheet lined with wax paper to dry. And that’s it…you have coated pretzels.


These are great. Just about everyone loves the salty and sweet combo and these had the perfect amount of both. Super easy—no oven or measuring. They are a tiny bit time consuming—do not try to get all of these done in an hour. Set aside a good chunk of time to get them done. They will keep for awhile in a container, so you could easily make these a week in advance. I can’t wait to make red a green ones for Christmas! Enjoy!!

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

1 lb bag pretzel twists—I used UTZ brand Halloween pretzels

3 14oz bags of  candy coating—I used orange, yellow and white for these

Sprinkles to decorate, optional

To prepare the pretzels line a couple of cookie sheets with wax paper.

To melt chocolate, empty contents of 1/2 bag of candy coating into microwave safe bowl and microwave in 1 minute intervals at 50% power or the defrost setting stirring between until the chocolate is melted consistently. Once the first half is melted, add in the rest of the bag and stir until it is melted heating it some more if needed.

Dip the pretzels into the chocolate, covering them completely. Use a fork to “fish” the pretzels from the chocolate shaking the fork back and forth to remove any extra chocolate. Place the pretzels on the wax paper lined baking sheet.

If you are going to decorate with sprinkles or colored sugar make sure to sprinkle the pretzels before the chocolate hardens. Package in bags or paper cups. Enjoy.


 Happy Halloween!  Meg

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