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Candy Coated Christmas Popcorn



The holidays are all about sweets and baking. Well, not all about. But it does seem like all you see this time of year is one chocolate, peppermint, red and green covered thing after another. I love it. 

Christmas cookies have always been a holiday staple in my house.  My mama has always made tons of cookies at Christmas. And I will forever put Christmas and carrot cake together. I can still smell the spices and see  that giant metal bowl of carrot cake—with raisins– being mixed and baked in individual pans. They were topped with cream cheese and had  pecans and a cherry half in the middle. I always thought they looked super fancy. Still do. 

Now that I am doing some baking, I continue with the cookie tradition and I like to add a holiday cupcake or two. But I have never really done any holiday themed easy sweet treats. This year, I wanted to add in some candy popcorn to my holidays sweets.



I popped the popcorn in the air popper—no oil or salt added. I had about 1 1/2 cups of kernels. For the red, I melted down some cherry flavored chips. I found them at Target and can’t wait to get some more. They had a super mild cherry flavor. It was really tasty but not overly cherry. That was the easy part.

Normally, this whole thing would be easy. But, since I waited until 9 o’clock at night to make this, I was tired and not on my toes. I somehow managed to mess up 2 batches of green chocolate. Good times. So…back into the baking room to find some lime green candy melts. Rad.

For the red, I used the whole bag of chips for about 1 cup of kernels. Pour the melted chips over the the popcorn and stir it all up. I got in there with my hands and made sure it was all mixed. For the green, I used one bag of the spooky green candy melts. Same thing as the red—melt, pour and mix. Once they were all mixed, they went on wax paper lined sheets to cool and set up.


This is a great sweet treat. Easy to make and easy to eat are always winners in my book. You can use it anytime of the year and use all the colors of the rainbow. It is salty, sweet and crunchy all in one bit and super yum.

I will so be adding this to my take-to-work treats. But for now, I am off to find something peppermint-y to make next!! Enjoy!


Candy Coated Christmas Popcorn

2 cups (approx.) of corn kernels—popped in an air popper

1 12 oz. bag of cherry flavored, melted

1 bag of candy melts in spooky green, melted



Pop popcorn and remove any unpopped kernels.  Put popcorn in a big bowl. 

In separate bowl, melt the cherry chips in the microwave. Be sure to do this in small time increments so that the chips do not burn.   Stir in about 1 teaspoon of salt while stirring the chips.

Pour the melted chips over the popcorn and mix to coat all of the popcorn. Use your hands if necessary, but be careful because it will be hot.

Spread onto a cookie sheet line with wax paper to set up.

** When melting the candy melts, use the defrost setting or have the microwave on 50% power. Once they are melted, add in salt while stirring. ** Pour and mix just like above.

Once it is set, package it to give away or keep it stored in an air tight container.


There are a ton of ways that you can dress this up for the holidays. Have it in a bowl for everyone to dig in, stack it in cupcake papers, use big cups in a cupcake stand, or bag it to give away!




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