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Christmas Ornament Wreath



Ornaments are no longer just for trees. Do a google search for ornament decoration ideas and you can find a ton of different things to do with them.

I love all of the cool ideas that people have: sink them in water and float some candles, use them as fridge magnets, garland, use them for cone trees, place card holders, or just fill a bowl with an assortment of tiny ornaments.

Ornament wreaths are just the cutest. One popped up on pinterest the other day and after    reading the blog where this wreath is, I knew that I could make it. To the dollar tree I went.



The first thing you need is—you guessed it—ornaments. I got about 100 of the plastic ones from the dollar tree. You want varying sizes and I did an assortment of red, green and gold colors. Before you put them on the wire, you may want to hot glue the top—the part that holds the hook—to the ornament. If you don’t, some of them may pop right off of the wreath. Next I got a pack of hangers. Mine had a plastic coating on it that I stripped off with a box cutter. Bend and twist the hanger into something that looks like a circle.



Slide the ornaments on the wire. Make sure you use the little ones to fill in any gaps. Just keep going until the whole thing is filled in. When you get to the end, I took the two ends and taped them together with duct tape. It doesn’t have to be pretty. Use a couple of layers of tape to make sure it doesn’t pop open. Move the ornaments around to cover the gap and it is ready for the ribbon.



I used a wired red ribbon to hang it on the door and to make the bow for the top. I absolutely loved how this came out. I have wanted one of these for while and am so glad that I made my own. It took no time to make and only cost about 10 bucks. Anybody can make this—it is easier than you may think and way less expensive than the wreaths in the stores.

So break out your glue gun, ornaments and ribbon and get in the holiday crafty spirit! Enjoy!!



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