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Yarn Wreath



Having a lot of time on your hands and the crafty gene can lead to all kinds of fun things. One thing I decided to whip up was a yarn wreath. I had seen them all over pinterest and knew that I could make one. All I needed was some yarn, a wreath, ribbon, glitter and way more time than you think. Smile



I had two of the rounded wreaths, white yarn, ribbon and glitter balls all ready to go. And, of course, you need a glue gun. I will say that I thought I would just put this together in less than an hour…nope. This little project was a two-dayer for me. I am sure I could have done it in one, but I got so tired of sitting and wrapping the yarn around.

Pick a starting point and glue it to the wreath. Keep wrapping around and around…and around until you have the whole wreath wrapped. Mine took so long because I wanted a single layer and to have it wrapped tight. If you want to have lots of layers, you can wrap it much faster.



Once I had the wreath wrapped, I went on to the yarn balls. I found these great foam ornament picks from the dollar tree. I pulled the stick out and popped off the top and they were perfect to use for the yarn balls.  I wrapped the big and medium ones in the green yarn that I had. I wrapped them until they were the size I wanted for the wreath. Be sure to stop and glue the yarn as you keep wrapping it—that way if you drop the ball the yarn won’t completely unwind.



When all of the green balls were wrapped, I hot glued them to the wreath. Make sure you like the place because there is no moving them once the glue is set. I used three green yarn balls and filled in the gaps and space with the medium and small red glitter picks. I did have to patch the hole that the stick left with some red glitter before adding them to the wreath.



I was super happy with how the wreaths came out. I used a red ribbon to hang them from our doors on the patio. I loved making these and will definitely try some more yarn projects. Even though I used red and green for Christmas, you can use any color of the rainbow to make yours. Put on a movie and get to making your wreath! Enjoy!!







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