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Happy New Year



Happy 2012! Wow…I know we say this every year, but I still can’t believe another year has come and gone. 2011 was an amazing year for us and I know that this year will be even better.

It’s funny how reflective we get at the end of the year—thinking about all that happened and making predictions about the year ahead. If only we did that more often—really thinking about what we are doing and what we want to do with our life.

My new year’s hope is that your life finds you healthy, happy, and doing what you love with the ones that you love. If you are not happy about something, change it. If you want to start something new, get out there and make it happen. Don’t just wish for things to happen to you…make things happen for you.  Clean out the negative in your life and focus on the things that bring you joy.

I have so much love and happiness in my life—I feel truly blessed. I am always excited to see what the new year brings and this year is no exception. I hope that you love often and laugh much and have the best year yet! Bring it on 2012—I can’t wait!!



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