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Pipe and push frosting technique



I knew that I wanted a simple cake for my birthday this past year. It was just gonna be us and the folks, so I wanted something low key. I had seen a few cakes with such a cool frosting. As soon as I saw this one, I knew that it was it. I was something different and pretty and almost too easy to do.


The cake was red velvet so it had to have cream cheese frosting—it is my fave! I have a great cream cheese frosting recipe. Most of them have milk or cream to make them good. Not this one. And the cream cheese is cold when ya mix it. I think that having everything cold makes it stand up better when frosting. It was tinted pink and then it was ready for some red velvet action.




The cake was layered and filled with frosting. It got a thin crumb coat—don’t worry if you can see the cake, it will get covered with the dots. When it was coated, it went in the fridge to set up.

To do the sides, I picked a spot and piped four dots of frosting in a line down the side of the cake. I used my spreader to gently push the frosting to the right. Don’t push down so much that you touch the cake. You want to just lightly touch and push the dots. You want the next dots to start at the edge of the row in front of it—you don’t want there to be a gap in the frosting. And that is it. Keep going around the cake until it is all covered. I decided to do the top of the cake too. I started on the outside of the cake, doing the cake technique and worked my way to the middle.



I was so happy with how this cake came out. I topped it with a few fondant ruffle flowers and it was ready for the party! I loved how it looked—simple, yet interesting and beautiful. I can’t wait to do more like it! Give this a try the next time you want something a little different! It will be sure to get rave reviews! Enjoy!!






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  1. 01/30/2012 4:28 am

    Hi! You have an absolutely lovely blog! And this is such a cute technique! I love the way it looks, can’t wait to try it myself! Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

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