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Ruffled Flower Cake



A while back, a girl in the PhD program with hubs got married and the girls asked me to do a shower cake for her. They gave me no instructions except that her colors were green and brown. I love when I have free reign on a cake.

I knew that I wanted to keep it on the simple side. And I knew that I wanted to do some ruffle flowers. I liked the idea of two toned stripes mixed with the brown. I was super happy with how this came out. It was exactly liked I had planned in my head. Love it when that happens.



I had the fondant rolled out and cut different size circles. I knew I wanted a few flowers, so I had lots of circles cut. I stacked them up to make sure that the sizes worked. I used the ball tool to thin out the circles—just keep smoothing it our until it starts to thin and be more flexible.



When the circles were thinned out, I got work on the ruffling of the edges. I used the pointy stick and rolled it all the way around each piece of the flower. As you move the stick around, it will make the fondant create a ruffled look so that the circles start to look more like flower petals. Each piece of the flower dried overnight and then I stacked them with a dab of water to finish the look.



I did two different colors of green for the cake. I liked the look of doing a sort of lime green and more grass green. I marked off the size for the big stripe and cut them with my trusty pizza cutter. I made the big stripes one inch and the smaller ones 1/2 inch. I really had to make sure they were all the same height or else the brown band would not have been straight.

Once they were all cut, I used a bit of water to stick the stripes to the cake. I just eyeballed where they would go and let it be kind of free form. I used the rest of the green to make the fondant balls to go around the cake base.  I like to have the edge of my fondant cakes covered, and the green balls were super cute with the stripes.


For the brown band, I rolled out the brown in a long strip. I used the ruler to mark the one inch strip and cut it. I rolled it up in a coil and unrolled it as I put it around the cake. When all of the stripes and balls were on, it was time for the flowers. The front one got a toothpick so that it would stick in the cake without falling off. The rest were just place on with a drop of water. I just put them where I thought they looked best and I was done!



I was super happy with how this cake came out. I was worried about the color combo, but loved how it looked in the end. It was my first time making any type of fondant flower and I really had fun with this cake.  The bride was happy and that was the best part. I love creating new cake designs and can’t wait to get going with some more!! Enjoy!!






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  1. 02/26/2012 5:40 am

    This is a really striking design! Love it 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. 02/26/2012 6:40 am

    That cake looks fab!

  3. 02/29/2012 9:29 pm

    Thanks so much!!

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