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Easter Cupcakes



I wanted to take in some treats for the folks at work before our Easter break. I had good intentions of getting some cookies done, but a cold/fever had other plans. So, instead of baking cookies on Sunday, I was curled up on the couch. Since cookies were out, I went with cupcakes. Everyone loves a chocolate treat. Top it with some buttercream grass and a fondant bunny and you are all set!



I used the 233 grass tip to pipe the grass on the cupcake. To make the green, I used a mix of forest green and electric green.



Put the tip right on the top of the cupcake.



Squeeze the icing bag and pull straight up. Stop squeezing when you have the grass as tall as you want it. They will actually stand up pretty tall. Make sure to go straight up. If you pipe the grass at a slant, it will not look right.



I piped around the edge of the cupcake and then filled in the whole top. I loved how it looked when it was done. Some grass was standing straight and others fell over—looked just like I wanted it to. It did take a little while to get them all done, but it was worth it when I saw them all done.



I used my Easter plunger cutters to make the toppers for the cupcakes. I used all fondant, but made them three days before I needed them so they were completely dry and hard. Cut them out and peel away the extra fondant. I let them dry on a lined cookie sheet. They need to be hard so they will stand up on the cupcake and not bend over.



I loved how the cupcakes turned out and they were a hit at work. The grass took some time to make, but was easy to do. The fondant toppers took about ten minutes to cut out. Bunnies and eggs are perfect for Easter and were super cute sitting in all of that grass. Next time you need some springy looking cupcake, go for these—they will be a hit! Enjoy!!








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