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Pink Flower Cake



I have been baking and doing cakes for about 2 1/2 years now. What started as an escape from a horrible job, turned into a true passion and love for baking and creating new cakes. I have had all kinds of orders and done cakes for hubs, my dad, my mother-in-law, and even my own birthday cakes. Now, I finally got to make a cake for my mom.

Living in Vegas did not make it easy for me to make a cake for my mom’s birthday. Now that we are in Mississippi and only a few hours from the folk’s house, it was a lot of fun to be able to make a birthday cake for my mom.

Since the cake would have to travel in a cooler and I would assemble at their house, I had to have a simple plan and things that would travel well. I wanted to to hydrangea petals and use them as a border for the cake. My mom loves flowers and I thought that this would make a pretty cake.



I tinted my gumpaste two different shades of pink. I used the americolor gels in soft pink and dark pink. Once it was tinted, I rolled the gumpaste out very thin. The thinner it is rolled out, the better the flowers will look.



I used my hydrangea plunger cutter to pop the petal out of the gumpaste.The plunger cutter gives it some shape on one side and makes it easy to get the flower out of the gumpaste.



When you have the flower in the plunger, put it down on the veiner mat and press down. This gives both sides of the flower some shape and dimension. Pull the plunger away and then peel the flower from the mat.



The flowers were super easy to make. I had about 60 of them made in 30 minutes or so. I let them dry for two days in egg cartons. The curve of the cartons is good for flower petals. When they were all dry, I put a dot of water in the middle and used pink pearls for the flower center.



I loved how the flower petals came out. I frosted the cake and then made vertical stripes around the side of the cake. I arranged the petals around the top and then used them as the bottom border of the cake.

Making cakes is so much fun for me. It is even better to do them for my loved ones. I am so glad I finally got to do a cake for my mama. I  was super happy with the look of this cake and she loved it, so that is all that matters. Enjoy!!








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  1. 05/17/2012 6:44 am

    Loved the colors, very bright n cheery =)

  2. Mom permalink
    05/17/2012 9:38 pm

    It was even better than it looks in the pics! It was the very best Birthday cake I have ever had in my life! As beautiful and delicious as it was it wasn’t half as beautiful and wonderful as my precious daughter! Thank you Baby Doll! I loved it but will always love you more!

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