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Army Tank Cake



One of the last cakes I did in Vegas was an army tank cake. A friend of mine sent me a pic telling me what she wanted for her son’s birthday party. When she first told me that he wanted a tank cake, I panicked. How in the world was I gonna make a tank cake? Thank goodness she sent me a picture. Google to the rescue.

The picture that she sent me had a sweet little tank on top of a round cake. After getting a look at all angles of the cake,  I knew that it was totally doable. I did go to a few blogs that had some army tanks on them to get a few more ideas. Now to the fun stuff.



For the tank on top of the cake, I made it out of rice krispies. I used a small oval pan and a 4 inch pan to make it. I have another size pan in the pic, but thinking back to that cake, I think we probably just ate that one. Smile

I smooshed and carved them until they were the size and shape that I was looking for. Since the cake was an 8 inch round, the topper couldn’t be too big.



The two pieces of the tank were covered with buttercream and then topped with fondant. I normally use americolor gels, but to get the army green color, I used the Wilton juniper color paste. I covered the top and bottom and smoothed out any bumps that popped up.



I used a square cutter and different size tips to cut out the different pieces that went on the tank. I was basing my tank solely on the pic that I had seen. It is a simple design, but it all worked well together.

The tires were done with black fondant. For the gun,  I used a lollipop stick. I stuck it in the rice krispies and covered it with the same color fondant.






Once I was done with the tank part of the cake, I could finish up with the frosting and put it all together.



The cake was an 8inch chocolate cake covered with buttercream that I tinted in a beige color. I used brown sugar around the base of the cake to look like sand. I popped a couple of dowels in the cake to make sure that the tank didn’t sink in the cake. I made a few brown rock and scattered them around the base and the tank. More brown sugar went around the bottom of the tank and then the tank was ready for deployment.

I was super happy with how this cake turned out. I had never really done one like this and thought that it came out super cute. She was super happy when I delivered it to her. Seeing people smile at something I made always makes me smile too. Enjoy!!











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  1. 06/08/2012 11:35 pm

    Wow, your creation looks amazing! =)

  2. 06/09/2012 12:08 am

    This is such a cute cake– I love it!!

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