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Minnie Mouse Pops



I had an order for Minnie Mouse Oreo pops this week. I like to do Oreo pops instead of cake because I think that the cake pops taste like raw cake. Not a big fan of them. Oreo pops, on the other hand, are delicious and crunchy and the perfect cookie bite.

I have done a few pops orders, but not any in awhile. Boy, did I forget what a pain these things are. They are cute and tasty, but a pain. That being said, I loved making these and can’t wait to do some more!


The first thing you need is the oreos all rolled up and ready to go in the fridge. I use a package of oreos, some cream cheese and buttercream to make the mix. I use my big cookie scoop to measure and then roll them round. They go in the fridge to chill for about an hour.



For the ears, I used black candy melts. The color doesn’t matter, I just had these. I used a big frosting tip to cut a notch out of each piece. This made it easy for them to fit right on the oreo balls.



Dip the ears in some melted candy melts and stick the in the pop. Make sure you get some candy melts on the back of the ear so it sticks all the way around to the pop.



The finished mickey heads go in the fridge to set up for about an hour. They need to be good and set. If you take them out too soon, the ears will break off while you dip them.



Once the ears are on and chilled, they got dipped in the pink candy melts. I heated up a big batch, but used a small ramekin to dip in. This made it super easy because it was the perfect size and depth. Dip it in a couple of times and then pop the stick in. Careful not to push too hard or the stick will come through the top of the pop.



With the sticks in, they went in a styrofoam block to set up. I put them in the fridge to get good and hard. You don’t want the bottom to be runny when doing the top coat.



The top part of the pop was dipped in black candy melts. I did have to thin it out quite a bit with some crisco. Without it, it was way too thick to do a good dip. Before the black set up, I used little pink hearts and dots to make a bow on the top. When they were are all dipped and bowed, back in the fridge they went overnight. I bagged them and tied with a pink bow and they were ready for delivery. She loved them and said they were a hit at the party. That always makes me happy!



These were extremely time consuming, but fun to do at the same time. I learned that black candy melts are not really black and needed candy colors and that the pink could have used some candy color to brighten them up. I also know that the next time I do ones like this, I will charge more!

I may have been huffing and puffing at the pops at the time, but now I love how they came out and can’t wait to try more!! Enjoy!








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  1. 06/26/2012 7:58 am

    I love them– they are so cute!!!

  2. 07/02/2012 2:18 pm

    OMG I want these, SO STINKIN CUTE!

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