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Anniversary Cake



I had a request for a cake for a 40th anniversary. I took this cake after having 5 other orders in four days. I had a two tiered cake, 2 birthday cakes, 24 iced cookies, 12 plain cupcakes and 24 cupcakes with fondant topper. That was a lot of baking!

Because I was so slammed with orders, I have zero shots of this cake being done.

Not one.

So, this will be a quick one…just a few shot of the finished product.




The only instructions that I had for this cake was the layers and frosting. And to make it look like a little wedding cake.

Um, ok…no big deal…no pressure. Sure.

Not just any cake, but something that should be worthy of 40 years of marriage. All covered in cream cheese. The hardest frosting in the world to work with.

The bottom of the cake was strawberry and the top was an Italian cream cake. The whole thing had cream cheese frosting. I will say that it was so hard for me to not take a big bite out of this cake. It smelled so good…I wish I had made some for us.





I did a simple dot border around the tops and bottom on the layers. Thinking that it needed just a little something else, I did a simple dot pattern around the side of the cake. That really made it look finished and ready to go.  I made a gumpaste circle to put on top and piped the couple’s initials on it.

She was super excited about it when it was picked up. I loved how it turned out. Having never done anything like this, I was glad it turned out as well as it did. Word is finally getting out there and orders are flying in—hopefully the is the first of many anniversary cakes that I will do! Enjoy!!





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  1. 07/02/2012 2:18 pm

    This cake is adorable, and it looks delicious!!

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